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  • laurence kirschner
    Aug 25, 2013
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      Hi Frances-

      Here are your edits for the Energizer LED light, in the standard
      EDIT/Edit/Comment format. There are just a few small things to fix, then please
      upload and delete from the test folder.
      Also--in the future, please send a copy of the report to the test monitor if you can.

      I�ll look forward to seeing how this worked over the next 2


      Comment: EMAIL: oldhikergirl AT yahoo DOT com//AGE:

      >>>57 = old?? Ha!

      EDIT: The lantern light cover is clear textured
      hard plastic that reflects the 2 LEDs the emanate from the reverse side of the
      flashlight down the length of the light.

      >>>It should definitely read *that*
      emanate, but I also found the sentence somewhat confusing. Consider re-wording

      EDIT:The light
      arrived twist tied to a cardboard package that dislayed the features on the
      front and back.>>>*displayed*

      >>>Also (as an Edit), you can probably
      skip discussing the packaging, but your call.

      Edit: When the light is turned back on, the
      light will turn on to the brightest setting on the flashlight first and then on
      the lantern.

      >>>Also sorta confusing. I assume that
      what you mean is �When the light is turned back on, it resets to flashlight
      mode on the brightest setting� (or something like that)

      Edit: When I operate the light with my right
      hand, the lantern portion lights away from my hand.

      >>>How about ��the lantern portion
      directs the light away from my hand.�

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