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76486Edit: IR: Platypus Sprinter XT 25 - Jamie DeBenedetto

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  • Ray
    Aug 9, 2013
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      Hi Jamie,

      I guess I will just do this as I have not heard back. Nice job on this report. I have the 35 myself. Here are your edits. Enjoy the pack and I shall see you in a couple months.


      ***Manufacture URL www.platy.com

      EDIT: it is the top level URL http://www.cascadedesigns.com (Their URLS change constantly)

      ***Big Zip hydration bladder and has several waterproof features like the coated nylon shell, taped seems

      EDIT: seams

      ***The actual part of the pack that touches the users back

      EDIT" user's

      ***At the top of the pocket are twotoggles that hold the bladder in place.

      EDIT: need a space at "two toggles"

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