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76241EDIT: FR - HH Odin Fastpack - Coy Boy

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  • K S
    Jul 10, 2013
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      Hi Coy,

      Thanks for you patients as I was on vacation the past two weeks.

      Edits are in the standard format.Once the edits are made, please up-load the report and remember to delete your test report.

      Hope that the knee keeps getting better!


      * The
      elevation of most of my my local hiking trails
      EDIT: remove the second "my"

      guy did bail saying his wife would kill him if he came home sick 
      EDIT: "One guy" - also add a period to make this a sentence

      * I was wearing a ball cap undeneath the hood
       EDIT: underneath

      kept the pockets opened all the way for maximum ventilation but  was
      EDIT: Remove the extra space between "but was"

      * I
      placed a water bottle in one pocket and  my phone
      EDIT: Remove the extra space between "and my"

      when i got inside
      EDIT: change to I


      "Making the world a better place is not only your responsibility, it is your joy, it is your blessing, it is your gift, it's your opportunity to make your life mean something, so take it." ~ Derrick N. Ashong

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