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75948LTR - ISIS Slipstream Jacket - Katie Montovan

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  • sull0294
    Jun 1, 2013
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      Hi Derek,

      Here is my LTR for the ISIS Slipstream Jacket. I have posted the html to the test folder (url: http://tinyurl.com/mxgrtv3).

      Thanks for your edits and I am sorry that this report is late. I graduated last weekend and had family in town and defend my dissertation in a week and this totally slipped through the cracks with everything else going on.


      Text version:

      ISIS Slipstream Jacket
      Test Series by Kathryn Montovan
      INITIAL REPORT: December 29, 2012
      FIELD REPORT: March 26, 2012
      LONG TERM REPORT: May 31, 2012

      Long Term Report
      Field Conditions

      Field Conditions: a 2-night car camping trip in the western Adirondacks
      (near Lowville, NY). Daytime temperatures were around 60 F (16 C) with
      nighttime temperatures getting down to 38 F (3 C). There was no rain on
      this trip.

      I have not used this jacket as much during this phase of the test
      because it has, for the most part, been too warm to need it. Any time it
      dips below 40 F (4 C), I find reasons to wear it, but otherwise it is
      too warm for me to comfortably wear this jacket if I am being at all


      Trip performance: The ISIS slipstream performed beautifully on my trip.
      In the evening when I was starting to get chilly I put it on and was
      comfortably warm until it was time for bed. It packed well into a stuff
      sack, and worked well as a blanket for the dog at night (which is the
      usual nighttime fate of my down jackets). Overall I was pleased with its

      Washing according to the manufacturers directions: I closed all zippers
      and washed the jacket in my top-load washer on gentle, with warm water
      and a mild detergent. Then I dried the jacket on low with 4 wool dryer
      balls (which perform the same function as the recommended clean tennis
      balls). It came out clean and fluffed and the only mishap was some
      additional feathers caught in the seams half-way out. The jacket has
      worked well since washing with no significant changes in any of the
      features due to washing.

      Durability: The ISIS Slipstream has held up extremely well to 4 months
      of testing. The early portion of this test involved 2.5 months of daily
      use in varied conditions, with very little noticeable wear on the
      jacket. There were a few times that I snagged the jacket on a thorn or
      stick and was afraid that I had caused damage, but found that in all of
      these cases I was unable to find the hole or snag in the fabric. The
      fabric is durable and help up to my abuse throughout this test. The
      baffle seams were a little less durable, with minor problems with
      escaping feathers through the seams and some problems with a couple of
      baffle seams starting to come out (see picture above). I tied off these
      seams by hand and did not have further problems with them.


      * Soft interior fabric
      * Incredible warmth in a non-bulky jacket
      * Color and decorative touches (wavy baffle lines, pretty zipper
      pulls, contrasting zipper-protector flap)
      * Style and fit
      * Durable water repellent finish


      * Occasional loose feathers through the seams
      * Zipper occasionally catches on the zipper-protector.


      I love this jacket! When I camp (in seasons other than the hot part of
      summer), I usually bring along a poofy down jacket for extra warmth in
      the late evening. This jacket is far nicer than the other two down
      jackets I have owned because it's cut keeps it close to my body, the
      jacket and collar linings are very nice and soft, it is incredibly warm,
      and it packs relatively small and is not bulky. In addition, I can wear
      it confidently in moist conditions without fear of the feathers getting
      wet. My only complaint about this jacket is the loss of feathers through
      the baffle seams. The fabric and side seams do a good job at keeping the
      feathers in, but somehow the baffle construction made large enough holes
      for the feathers to sneak out. This was a minor issue throughout the
      test. Overall, the ISIS slipstream is a great jacket that makes me look
      forward to times when I get to sit outside in the cold (which is not
      something I can say about many things).

      Thank you to ISIS and BackoackGearTest.org for the opportunity to test
      the Slipstream Jacket.
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