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  • K S
    May 30, 2013
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      below is my report and the web report is located at:


      thanks for the edits and have a great week.



      Superstition Mountains, Arizona
      February 23-24, 2013
      Distance:  ~10 miles (~16 km)
      Elevation: 680 ft/207 m to 1,680 ft/512 m
      Trail Conditions:  about half of the trail was a maintained trail and half was off trail in a canyon bottom. The off trail portion required wading, rock-hopping and scrambling, and bushwhacking.
      Weather: Everything - sunny, cloudy, a sprinkling of rain, and finally a few snow-flakes on the way out.
      Temperatures: Highs about 65 F/18 C and lows about 32 F/0 C

      Grand Canyon, Arizona
      April 5-7, 2013
      Distance: 18 miles/29 km
      Elevation at trailhead: 2,260 ft/689 m to 7,260 ft/2,213 m
      Trail Conditions: Maintained trail with lots of dust and sand
      Weather: Sunny
      Temperatures: Highs 80 F/27 C Lows 50 F/10 C

      Havasupai, Arizona
      April 25-27, 2013
      Distance: 20 miles/32 km
      Elevation: 3,862 ft/1,177m to 5,172 ft/1,576 m
      Trail conditions: maintained trails that are dusty and sandy
      Weather: Sunny
      Temperatures: Highs in the 80's F/27 C Lows in the 50's F/10 C

      Fossil Springs, Arizona
      June 4-5, 2013
      Distance: 8 miles/ 13km
      Elevation: 4,200 ft/ 1,280 m to 5,580 ft/1,701 m
      Trail conditions: old jeep track, with some loose rocks and rock hopping at the bottom of the canyon.
      Weather: Sunny
      Temperatures: Highs about 65 F/18 C and lows about 40 F/4 C

      I used the mesh bag on all 4 trips. I stored all the small items that I normally carry in the lid of my backpack - toothbrush and paste, pocket knife, salt and sugar packets, tissues, bandanas, first-aid items, headlamp and spare batteries, and nail clippers. I loved having all the small items in the mesh bag so that when I opened the lid, nothing falls out. I had both a sugar and salt packet burst inside the mesh bag - the salt when through the mesh, but the sugar was larger grained raw sugar and was contained in the mesh bag. I found the mesh bag easy to use.

      For weekend car camping trips, I just throw in mesh bag into my overnight bag and go because all the things I need are in one place.

      The bag has held up well, it shows no signs a wear. The draw string worked just a well on the last trip as it did on the first trip.

      I love this mesh bag, it has become a fixture among my backpacking gear. It keeps me organization and all of my small items falling out of backpack lid.

      This concludes my long-term test report. Thank you Sea to Summit and BackpackGearTest.org for the chance to test this product!

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