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75792EDIT: IR - Helly Hansen Odin Traverse Pants - Brett Haydin

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  • Kathy Waters
    May 8, 2013
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      Below are your very tardy edits. I hadn’t “accepted” the monitoring
      assignment but BridGeT assigned it to me anyway, I guess and since my
      acceptance wasn’t noted in BridGeT, I never received any e-mails demanding
      my attention. So sorry about that, but better late than never.

      Please make the corrections, delete the test file and upload, ok? I’ll be
      more prompt the next round and will adjust the FR and LTR dates so that this
      test is not dragged out an extra (almost) month.



      The Traverse features a 3/4 two-way zippers on the sides of the legs that
      should make putting them on easy over my boots.

      EDIT: Either make it “a ¾ two-way zipper” (singular) or “3/4 two-way
      zippers” (without the “a”).

      On the waistband there is also a printed box talking about the origon of the
      name and all the logos in one place.

      EDIT: Should be “origin”.

      Instead, they are meant to be used in the mountains where temperatures,
      winds and precipitation can change before you can change layers.

      EDIT: The “YOU” word! Please re-word to reflect personal expectations.

      Its quite impressive, actually.

      EDIT: Should be “It’s” with an apostrophe for the contraction “It is”.

      From: backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com
      [mailto:backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Brett Haydin
      Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2013 11:02 PM
      To: backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [backpackgeartesters] IR - Helly Hansen Odin Traverse Pants - Brett

      Dear Mystery Monitor, I have my IR ready for you to red-line. These seem
      like great pants for my use. I can't wait to glissade in them! Are we going
      to allow embedded videos for that <grin>? Seriously, the html is at:
      http://tinyurl.com/a7jj6b7 The text follows. Thanks in advance for your help
      on this series!

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