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75425EDIT: LTR - Gerber Instant Knife - Alex Legg

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  • Jamie D.
    Mar 25, 2013
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      Hi Alex,

      Bummer about your computer issues. I think most of us can relate! No worries about the pics, you can add some later if you want. You have others in the report so I think you are in compliance with the picture rule.
      HTML version and your links look good. It took me a while to get thru your report because there were several issues I came across. I hope I can convey my thoughts easily to you so we can get the kinks worked out. When you are done with these edits please repost and we'll get this one put to rest ASAP.
      My edit, suggestions and comments are marked with ## just below a snip of your words.

      Jamie DeBenedetto
      Gerber Instant Knife Monitor

      You from your FR – "I have my doubts about the longevity of the Instant due to my experiences with the first one I got, and due to the sluggishness of the assisted opening mechanism on the replacement blade. I suspect I received a refurbished blade as a replacement, but I can't tell for sure."

      ##Edit – I noticed you did not specifically give an update regarding the assisted opening mechanism in the LTR. Since you have a replacement knife AND you had so many problems with the knife in general, I think it's a good idea to clarify in the LTR that this is your second attempt with an Instant and you still had the various failures. Essentially, the failures you experienced happened in even less than the 4 month test period. I consider that vital info. for the reader to know.
      You - I have carried the Gerber Instant on all of my recent backpacking outings. I have also carried it as an every day tool. Some of the outings are listed below.
      ##Edit – everyday
      ##Edit – since this is only some of your outings please include a sentence giving us a summary of your field uses with the item over the entire test period.
      You - I took the knife on a 2-day 1-night trip to the Catalina mountains north of Tucson.
      ## Edit – capitalize Mountains and please include the fully spelled out state after Tucson for the sake of our international audience.
      You - The knife was also carried on an overnight car camping trip to the Rincon mountains east of Tucson.
      ##Edit – capitalize mountains
      You - I feel I need to be objective in reporting back on this knife because I write reviews on products for backpacking on this site.
      ##Edit – Alex, I'm confused by this sentence. I think I know what you are trying to say but it's worded oddly. Are you trying to prepare the reader for a more negative report based on some of your non-packing experiences? Please explain and then please reword for a bit more clarity.

      You - The knife generally stayed clipped to my pocket except for after the clip weakened and became very stretched out.

      ##Edit –Starting with this sentence you begin a bit of a bunny trail. This paragraph introduces us to the idea that you will be talking about your positive backpacking experience then you jump to the malfunctions with the clip and the blade popping open. All very important points that need to be addressed, however, it's confusing for the reader. Then in the next paragraph you bring in a bit more of the positive points of the Instant and then switch over to the negative once again. Without turning this into a huge rewrite, because that would be a pain in the arse, please combine your thoughts a bit. That first paragraph needs to encompass this thought, "Most of my experiences while backpacking were good." Please list the good stuff here. Then in your subsequent paragraphs you can tell us about the several negative experiences you had. All of which I think are very important to cover succinctly. Does what I'm suggesting make sense?

      You – Many people I know are huge fans of Gerber, but this moment change my mind in a big way.
      ##Edit – I'm not sure the opinions of other Gerber owners you know should be in your report. Saying your personal experiences changed your mind about Gerber knifes is perfectly fine though.
      You – The blade of the Instant has remains strong, but not especially sharp

      ##Edit – remove "has" or change "remains" to "remained"
      You - In my conversations with these happy Gerber owners, the conclusion I pointed out above seemed the common consensus.

      ##Edit – another one where your opinion is what we want in the report, not other owners. I don't think the rest of the references to the knives and the China stuff is inappropriate though. And for the record I totally agree, I don't buy stuff made in China ever if I can help it because it's so shotty.

      You - The Instant looks like suck a tough knife, but my use during this testing period has shown me otherwise.

      ##Edit – like "such" a
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