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75281EDIT: LTR - Honey Stingers Waffles - Brett Haydin

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  • Jamie Lawrence
    Mar 9, 2013
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      Hi Brett,

      Thanks for the report.

      Couple of tiny little points below and you're good to upload. Remember to
      delete your test version and thanks for your efforts, I enjoyed reading you



      > *Pros:* Small size, but good calorie load for the weight, great taste and
      > definitely provides an energy boost.

      Edit: provides a energy boost or provide an enery boost... you pick...

      > *Cons*: Difficult to eat in cold weather.I am looking forward to eating
      > the waffles over the next four months. I intend to bring them on my day and
      > overnight hikes, which will include some backcountry snowboarding trips.

      EDIT: Need a space after weather. Your last sentence might be taken from
      your field report? As this is a final summart it seems out of place?

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