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75257EDIT: LTR - Gerber Instant Knife - Bob Sanders

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  • Jamie D.
    Mar 3, 2013
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      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for sending a copy of the LTR directly to my email. That is helpful. Looks like another test series in the can for you. Well done. I only found a few things for you to fix, upload when you're done.
      My edit, suggestions and comments are marked with ## just below a snip of your words.

      Jamie D.
      Gerber Instant Knife Monitor
      You - I have continued to carry the knife everyday in my right front pocket.

      ##Edit – I realize it's a bit tedious but will you please use the full product name instead of "the knife" in this sentence since it's the first mention of the gear in this section of the report? Thanks.
      You - I also took it with me on a 2 day 1 night backpacking trip to Lefthand Reservoir.

      ##Edit – seems an appropriate location name for a knife test  Please include the state where the reservoir is located.

      You - I honestly found more uses on a daily basis then I did while hiking or backpacking.

      ##Edit – basic "than" I
      You - I have never before carried a knife with me everyday and now I do.

      ##Edit – "every day"
      You - I will continue to carry it with me on the trail and even though I would not normally carry a knife this heavy, since it rides in my front pocket the weight just becomes a none issue.

      ##Edit – "a non issue"

      ## Edit - Finally, in your IR you mentioned your concern about the "black finish" holding up over time. I did not see a comment in your LTR about this. Please add a quick note about durability.
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