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75209Reminder: TEST CALL closes tonight - Oh my aching back...

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  • vicioushillbilly
    Feb 24, 2013
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      Not anymore! Three fabulous testers will get to remedy that with Cascade Designs LuxuryLiteR UltraLight Cot. You know how great ThermaRest stuff is! This thing looks really groovy! Car/base camping is ok, but backpacking is preferred.


      I'm looking for short apps that include the following:

      1. The opening disclaimer for testing

      2. Your bio

      3. A brief test plan; just enough to demonstrate that you understand the
      product, where/how you will be testing it and how you will meet the minimum

      4. A list of what you are now testing and a link to tester page.

      5. Number of ORs in the past 12 months (not including your initial 2).

      6. Any apps you have outstanding.

      7. Any additional BGT roles you play (mentor, monitor, etc.)

      Does NOT apply for newbie limit
      Andrea Murland is the Test Director

      Also, don't forget to cc me at vicioushillbilly AT gmail DOT com so your app
      doesn't get lost!

      Please include "Cascade LuxuryLite Cot" in the subject line.

      This call will close 24 February, 2013 at 9pm EST.

      Good Luck (and I want to borrow it.)