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74705FR - NEMO Obi 2P Tent - Mark Thompson

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  • Mark Thompson
    Dec 3, 2012
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      Hi Mike,
      Please find my FR below and at:  http://tinyurl.com/cu95w5w
      for your editing pleasure.


      December 03, 2012
      NAME: Mark Thompson
      EMAIL: markthompson 242 at gmail dot com
      AGE: 48
      LOCATION: Parker, Colorado, USA
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 6' 0" (2.10 m)
      WEIGHT: 190 lb (86.20 kg)
      Outdoor adventures started for me at an early age, my passions have grown to include backpacking, rock climbing, hiking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, cycling, skiing and snowshoeing.  Most of my adventures presently take place in Colorado's amazing Rocky Mountains.  For trail hikes, my pack typically weighs 15 lbs/7 kg (summer/fall), 25 lbs/11 kg (winter/spring) and trail speed ranges from 2.5 - 4 mph (4 - 6 km/h) depending on elevation gain.  For backpack trips, my pack weighs 40 - 45 lbs (18 - 20 kg) and my trail speed drops to 1.5 - 3.0 mph (2 - 5 km/h).
      The NEMO Obi 2P Tent is clearly intended to be a two or three season tent as it incorporates a significant amount of mesh fabric in the construction.  This being said coupled with the climate here in colorful (and sometimes cold) Colorado, my adventures with this tent have kept below treeline.  One of the awesome things about this time of year is that all of the fair weather campers stay home, leaving the woods to the hearty (and better trained, more experienced and better equipped).  I have had three wonderful nights out in the tent during this phase of the test.  All three nights have been in Colorado and all in what I would consider "mild" autumn conditions.  I have backpacked along the Colorado Trail (a continuous trail that roams across the state from SouthWest Denver to Durango) and near Mt Bierstadt.  The over night lows have consistently been below freezing, but not bitter cold and the winds have been calm.
      The tent has performed wonderfully!  I am so very happy with the overall weight of the tent and how well it packs into my internal frame pack.  I find that so many tents have kept up with the latest developments in terms of assembly, weight, new materials etc., but fail to fit easily into today's internal frame pack.  The NEMO Obi 2P tent poles fit wonderfully on the outside of my pack in their own sack, while the footprint, tent and rain fly all fit snugly in a stuff sack sized to fit easily inside the main compartment of a modern pack.

      Commensurate with its low weight, the Obi 2P isn't a three bedroom villa.  The interior dimensions can be a bit tight for two people, for me though, this isn't a problem.  My wife and I typically share a two person sleeping bag and the Obi's side doors fit our needs to a tee!  The side door design is a great feature when answering nature's call in the middle of the night as we both sleep comfortably, with little disturbance, through these events.

      I have found a bit of a conundrum though, I can't seem to decide when the temperature will be just right to set up the footprint and the fly (leaving the tent in the bag) so I can gaze out at the night and when it will be too cold that I will want the added warmth of the full system.  I haven't found the need to set up the tent without the rain fly in an effort to sleep bug free but I am sure this will happen at some point (maybe next summer).

      <<IMAGE 01>>
      The tent is wonderfully light weight!  It is utterly amazing what shedding a few pounds from my pack does for me at the end of a long day backpacking!  I have found the materials and workmanship to be outstanding!

      - Light weight
      - Strong
      - Side doors
      - Ability to set up the footprint with the fly (leaving the tent at home or in the bag)

      - The tent is fairly straight forward to set up, but I did notice that color coding could be added to the pole ends to make it even easier
      - Without the fly, the tent sides sag in (they attach to the fly to be pulled out)

      The cons are really minor nitpicks.  This is a fantastic product!

      A special thanks to BackpackGearTest.org and NEMO Equipment for offering this awesome tent for testing!  Please check back in two months for my Long Term Report!
      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2012.  All rights reserved.

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