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74633Application - Heat Holder Socks - Erin Foudy

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  • erinfoudy
    Nov 21 3:42 PM
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      Please accept my application to test the Heat Holder Socks. I have read the BackpackGearTest.org Bylaws v0609 including Chapter 5 I agree to comply with all requirements. My signed tester agreement is on file.

      Tester Info:
      Name: Erin Foudy
      Age: 32
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5'11'' (1.8 m)
      Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
      Email address: erinfoudyATyahooDOTcom
      City, State, Country: Tucson, Arizona, USA

      Backpacking Background:
      I started backpacking while working for the National Park service ten years ago. I have been a backcountry ranger/law enforcement ranger and served on search and rescue crews. I typically take two or more camping trips a month, year round. I appreciate light weight, but am not obsessed by it. I often carry a 30 lb (14 kg) pack and stay out from three to nine days at a time. I also enjoy day trips with only water on my back. I take trips to Colorado and Montana in the summertime and enjoy the outdoors there as well.

      Test Plan:

      These socks sound great! Whether I am sitting around the house or resting by the campfire, I am constantly getting cold feet when the temperature gets low. I will be taking these socks on a trip to Colorado this winter as well as on my backpacking trips in the mountain ranges around Tucson and northern Arizona. I will be in high elevation where the weather will be cold. I can't wait to see how well these socks work. I hate sitting around camp with freezing feet and I hope that the Heat Holders can take care of this bothersome problem for me.

      I have 2 current test: Suisse Sport Mckinley Sleeping Bag ( LTR stage), View Ranger App (2 report test LTR stage), Honey Stingers (awaiting delivery)
      My tester status page is at: http://teststatus.backpackgeartest.org/T1900.htm
      I have 3 OR's uploaded to the BGT site.
      My OR's can be viewed at: http://www.backpackgeartest.org/tester_reviews/erinfoudy
      I have 1 applications pending for the Mountainsmith Trekking Poles

      I have no additional BGT responsibilities.

      Thank you!