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74584EDIT: IR - Obermeyer Kestral jacket - Brian Hartman

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  • Kathy Waters
    Nov 17, 2012
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      Thank you for your prompt IR! You had great pictures and very good detail
      in the report. I look forward to reading your adventures in this great
      jacket. I, personally, have several Obermeyer products and have been very
      pleased with their quality and performance.

      I have a few minor edits and a couple of request for more information. I
      know it's a pain, but could you please re-post for me before you upload?


      Measured Weight: 2.8 lbs (1,280 g)
      EDIT: Conversion should be 1.27 kg

      After giving it a brief once-over, my initial impression was that it was a
      great looking jacket (as seen in the photo above in Quarry gray color with
      black pinstripes) and it appeared to be a very well made.
      EDIT: Delete the "a" between "be" and "very".

      EDIT/COMMENT: Under the "Product Description & Initial Impression" the
      second paragraph is very detailed and a bit long. I, being tired, had
      trouble reading it. I think (though it will mess up your neat format!) it
      needs to be broken up into at least two paragraphs.

      It would be nice if you explained why the EcoGenesis is "green friendly".

      I also think that to avoid soundly like a PR advertising piece you need to
      add some more "as reported by Obermeyer" - "is supposed to be", etc. Right
      now, you don't have any experience to be stating some of Obermeyer's claims.
      Great info though - I liked the waterproof rating explanation.

      The front of the jacket is also protected against air filtration by an
      internal zipper windguard that measures approx 1.25 inches (3 cm) in width.
      EDIT: Please spell out "approximately".

      The hood is fully adjustable via two drawcords on its lower left and ride
      hand sides that can be used to loosen or tighten it as necessary.
      EDIT: Should be "left and right".

      As a safety measure for those hiking in avalanche prone areas, the Kestral
      is fitted with a RECCO rescue reflector.
      EDIT: Delete "As a safety measure" - RECCO is NOT as safety measure - it is
      a passive reflector.

      Also, you don't have to add it here, but at some point, please expound on
      the fact that the RECCO is NOT a safety device! It will NOT help an
      avalanche victim - it will only help SARs to locate a body! Very important
      distinction from an active avalance beacon system where a live rescue is

      COMMENT: Is there only 1 RECCO? I have two different Obermeyer jackets and
      they all had more than that, so that's puzzling.


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      Subject: [backpackgeartesters] IR - Obermeyer Kestral jacket - Brian Hartman

      Hi Kathy,
      Below is my Initial Report for the Obermeyer Kestral Jacket. The link to my
      HTML report is


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