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74570EDIT: IR - Dahlgren Socks - Jerry Adams

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  • Kerri Larkin
    Nov 15, 2012
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      Hi Jerry,

      Apologies for the delay in getting these edits to you. I'm on the road at present so only getting intermittent internet access. There's only a few edits needed and they follow the standard format:
      EDIT: Must be changed
      Edit: a suggested change
      Comment: No need to change - a comment only.

      The HTML looks fine, so once the edits are completed please go ahead and upload your report.

      They make a number of styles including Expedition (extra heavy weight, tall), Backpacking (heavy weight), Hiking (medium weight),... I
      EDIT: For clarity, could you delete the comma after "weight)"and make the "I" the start of a new sentence please. It's okay to leave the ellipsis, so it would read, "medium weight)� I am

      If that moisture can be wicked up to the ankles, it would evaporate a lot better.
      EDIT: Past and present tense (can, would). Can you please change "can" to "could".

      I think they would be comfortable if I had a size 11 or 13 foot, as they advertise.
      EDIT: If I'm understanding you correctly, you are saying here that they fit the size 12 foot, but would also be comfortable for a size 11 or size 13 foot? If that's the case, can you insert the word "also" after "would" to read, "I think they would also be�"

      They're well made - very uniform feeling across the different zones of the socks - heel, toe,�
      Edit: if using the ellipsis, there is no need for a comma. However, for clarity you may want to consider changing the end of the sentence to something like, "�zones of the socks - heel, toe, ankle and leg."

      Look foreword to my Field Report in two months.
      EDIT: Please change "foreword" to "forward"

      That's it! These look to be an interesting design so I'll look forward to your Field Report.
      Kind Regards,


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