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74440FR - Exxel K2 Sleeping Bag - Alex Legg

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  • alex
    Nov 1, 2012
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      Here is my FR for the K2 bag. The text is below and the HTML is at: http://tinyurl.com/9mezsms

      Thank you for your time and edits!

      Field Report:

      Field Conditions:

      I have been on three separate car camping adventures during this testing period.

      I camped on Mt. Lemmon in Coronado National Forest for two nights. The temperature got down around 40 F (10 C) and the elevation was just over 8,000 ft (2438 m).

      I did an overnight in Coconino National Forest near Greer, Arizona. The temperature got as low as 28 F (-2 C) in the early morning and the elevation was near 8,500 ft (2,591 m).

      Finally, I went on a trip to the Madera Canyon Recreation Area south of Tucson for a weekend. The elevation was around 5,000 ft (1,524 m) and the temperature got down to 45 F (7 C) overnight.

      I did not encounter rain or adverse weather on any of these trips.

      Performance in the Field:

      The K2 has preformed well so far. It is cushy, comfortable, and far warmer than I had expected.

      The main trouble I have had is the zipper teeth separating near the foot box. I am able to back track the zipper handle as long as I hold the teeth together with my hand. This isn't especially easy, and only happens while I'm in the bag trying to sleep. Luckily I haven't gotten too cold or agitated.

      I fit into the mummy style bag well. There is ample room in the hood for my head which is nice The hood doesn't close around my face as much as I would like, but it has not gotten cold enough to be a bother yet. I find that the chest baffle is weird and in an uncomfortable place. I have just been loosening it all the way and trying to ignore it while I sleep. My feet fit comfortably into the foot box and I like that the zipper does not open that area. I find my feet stay warm even when the zipper is coming apart and letting the cold in.

      I actually like to use this bag more like a quilt when the weather is warm enough. I can place my feet in the foot box while the unzipped bag is wrapped over me. This allows for comfort and airflow, not to mention lack of annoyance from the phantom zipper spreader.

      I think the bag is very warm and large enough to fit my tall frame. The zipper coming apart is my only complaint because I have become pretty good at ignoring the chest baffle.

      What I like:
      1. I fit in it!
      2. Warm

      1. Zipper opens from the bottom
      2. Hood does not close down much
      3. Chest baffle is awkward.

      I would like to thank Exxel Outdoors and BackpackGearTest.org for the chance to test this product!