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74249EDIT: IR - Gerber Instant Knife - Bob Sanders

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  • Jamie D.
    Oct 14, 2012
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      Hi Bob,

      Sorry for the delay. Hopefully the FR editing will go more smoothly.  I checked thru your html version, the layout looks good, pics are great and your links worked fine. My edit, suggestions and comments are marked with ## just below a snip of your words. Since there were a few things go ahead and repost and I'll take one more quick look before you upload.

      Jamie D.
      Gerber Instant Knife Monitor
      You – Description:

      ##Edit - Bob, it's my understanding that the product description in the IR is meant to be our own words not a copy-paste of the mfg's description. Please rewrite.

      You – Initial Impressions - There is a good amount of resistance to the release when you push your thumb against the thumb stud.

      ##Edit – Starting with this sentence and cont. throughout the report you've departed from a first person perspective in your observations. Please go thru and fix all the offending sentences.

      You - Weight: 4.01 oz

      ##Edit – please add the metric conversion for this measurement
      You - Like I said at the beginning, I really like this knife. I may find myself having it with me all the time. The half straight, half serrated blade will find lots of used

      ##Edit – lots of "use"
      You - How will the black finish on the blade hold up.

      ##Edit – up?
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