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74247LTR - Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Bags - Theresa Lawrence

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  • Theresa Lawrence
    Oct 14, 2012
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      Hi Carol, thanks for editing and enjoy the report, these were awesome dry bags! Here is the HTML:


      Test Series By Theresa Lawrence
      October 14, 2012


      Long-Term Test Location and Conditions

      Over the past 4 months these dry bags have accompanied me on several multi-night backpacking trips in the South Canadian Rockies (Banff National Park, Glacier National Park, Bugaboo Provincial Park and Height of the Rockies Provincial Park). I have also brought them on a few car camping trips, day hikes and a 4-day sea-kayaking trip in the North Gulf Islands. They have also been a part of my Search and Rescue ready-pack to keep my down jacket and extra clothes dry. They have seen everything from mountain thunderstorms, to snow, to creeks, to salt water ocean.

      Performance In The Field

      These dry bags have been absolutely fantastic to use. They are easy to pack and extremely light. They have proved to be waterproof in a number of different wet settings such as sitting in a creek, stashed in the snow, hanging from a tree in a downpour and sitting in an inch of sea water in my kayak. I trust these bags with my down sleeping bag and jacket.

      The 13 L sack I have used mainly for my down sleeping bag, it's a perfect fit. The only difficulty I had was in getting the sleeping bag out when it was suctioned in there. A pull tab at the bottom would definitely have helped, but only a minor nuisance.

      The 8 L bag housed my lunch and snacks for the most part, or a down jacket or vest or extra clothes, or just miscellaneous odds and ends. I found I had so many uses for them that I wished I had more. As a food cache, the roll down top and clip closure made a great handle that was convenient for hanging food to keep away the wild animals. I had the fortunate opportunity to witness an awesome mountain thunderstorm that unleashed an amazing deluge of water onto these bags as they hung in a tree all night. In the morning I woke up to a dry beautiful day and with dry food! That earned my trust in their waterproofness 100%. I even submerged these bags in a stream for fun and again everything stayed dry.

      I did take them sea-kayaking for four days even though I knew that was not their intended use. But they were dry bags and all, and I sort of ran out of marine dry bags, so I used them for some of the extra gear I had in the kayak. Unfortunately, one of the dry bags must have snagged something in the bottom of the boat, because when I pulled it out of the hatch it had a small tear in it. Fortunately, this compartment of the boat stayed dry even after a day of kayaking, and nothing got wet. Of course I had learned my lesson, but their performance was so encouraging that it seemed like a good idea at the time. I have since repaired the hole with some urethane water-sealing glue recommended by the manufacturer on the website and I was able to continue using it for backpacking - good as new! On the flip side, the one I used for quick-access stuff in the cockpit, sat in about an inch of water for 4 days of kayak touring, and everything stayed perfectly dry.

      In my initial report I was curious if the shape made any difference for packing as these sacks are oval versus the typical round. The only time I noticed this was for food storage, some of the items (packaged meals) did fit better in the oval space because of their width and could sit flatter.


      These dry bags have proved fantastic for backpacking. They are lightweight and easy to pack. They are great for storing and hanging food, stuffing clothes, down sleeping bags and jackets and I have full confidence in their ability to keep all these items dry if left outside in the rain, a stream or the snow. I will definitely keep using them for backpacking and actually will need to get more as I don't have enough for everything I'd like to use them for.

      - Lightweight
      - Easy to pack
      - Waterproof
      - Keeps miscellaneous gear and food together
      - Fun colour and useful oval shape

      - Difficult to get sleeping bag, down jackets and clothes out (a tab on the bottom would be helpful)

      I give my sincere thanks to Sea to Summit and BackpackGearTest.org for allowing me to test these awesome dry bags!

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2012.  All rights reserved.                          
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