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74179APPLICATION - Obermeyer Kestral Jacket - Alex Legg

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  • alex
    Oct 9, 2012
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      Please accept my application to test the Obermeyer Kestral Jacket. I have read and understand the entire BackpackGearTest.org Bylaws v0609 including Chapter 5. I agree to comply with all requirements. My signed tester agreement is on file.

      Tester Information:
      Name:  Alex Legg
      Age:  30
      Gender:  Male
      Height:  6'4" (1.9 m)
      Weight:  195 lb (88 kg)
      Email address:  alexlegg2 AT yahoo DOT com
      City, State, Country:  Tucson, Arizona, USA
      I grew up backpacking in the Rockies.   I hike ranges throughout Arizona and Colorado year round.  I carry a light pack, mostly water.  I prefer a tarp shelter to my heavier 2-person tent.  I do many day hikes and I also spend as many as 5 days out at a time.  Temperatures range from below freezing to above 100 F (38 C), and elevations from 2,000 ft to 14,000 ft ( 610 m to 4, 300 m).  I bag a mountain almost every weekend, and I walk my dogs 4 miles daily through deep sand and overgrown mesquite trees in our local washes.

      Test Plan:

      I plan on testing the Kestral Jacket on numerous trips to the White Mountains of northern Arizona as well as on many backpacking trips high in the Sky Islands around Tucson. I tend to race from the city as soon as the mountains show signs of winter. I will experience temperatures below freezing on multiple overnight trips. I expect to see rain, sleet and snow in elevations from 8,000 ft to 10,000 ft. I also plan to test the jacket on some ski trips in Arizona and Colorado. Throughout the testing period I will be reporting on the comfort and durability as well as moisture and cold resistance. I am curious to see how quickly I can warm up in the early mornings and after long breaks on the trail. I wonder if the jacket can remain waterproof after experiencing heavy rain fall and snow. This jacket looks like fun. It boasts a lot of pockets and accessories that I look forward to reporting on.

      Current test load: Suisse Sport Mammoth Tent (FR stage), Suisse Sport K2 Sleeping Bag (FR stage). Gerber Instant Knife (FR stage), 180 Tack Stove (IR stage)
      Tester status page: http://teststatus.backpackgeartest.org/T1896.htm
      Owner Reviews in past year: 10
      Link to reviews/tests: http://www.backpackgeartest.org/tester_reviews/alexlegg
      Outstanding applications: Chaco Tedinho Boots
      Additional BGT roles: None at this time.

      Thank you for the consideration!