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74121Re: IR - ViewRanger GPS App - Lori Pontious

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  • Christopher Nicolai
    Oct 1, 2012
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      This looks like a fun product to review. I hope you are able to have a lot
      of fun with it. I have just a few items for your consideration in the
      traditional EDIT (must be fixed); Edit (should be considered, but left to
      your judgment whether to revise); Comment (something to think about or just
      a friendly comment) format. Once you have addressed these items to your
      satisfaction, please delete your report from the TEST folder and post to
      the site. Thanks!

      Kind regards,


      > Other features aren't as intuitive and required going to the website to
      review the guide on a wiki.
      ---Consider explaining what you mean by "the website." Is this the main
      manufacturer website? I believe that we still are not supposed to include
      any links other than to the main manufacturer website, but perhaps you can
      offer a little guidance to how you found this wiki. (And how others may
      find it as well.)

      > I understood that it is a lot of data coming down at 4G, but I am not
      terribly patient!
      ---The time this takes will obviously depend on your actual download
      speeds, but it may be useful for the reader to have an idea what size files
      you are downloading to that they can gauge their own download times.

      > My poor budget smart phone is likely not quite as good for this as it
      could be - more memory would probably help.
      ---It may be useful for the reader to know a few basic specs on your phone
      to compare against theirs. Your call on this one.

      > A user name and PIN must be entered on a web page (
      ---Unless I have missed a recent change in guidelines for reports, the only
      web pages referenced in a report should be the main landing page for the
      manufacturer. This is to avoid any broken links in our published reports
      over time if specific pages change. Consider instead mentioning that the
      user name and PIN must be entered via a page within the main
      www.viewranger.com website.

      NOTE: If any moderators read this and can clarify whether this guideline
      has changed, please do clarify. Thanks!

      > but may be an interesting option when I go on a trip and I'd like other
      people with internet connections to check in on my progress.
      ---This, presumably, is something that you'd need a data signal to use. It
      may be helpful to make this clear for any readers and potential users.


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