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74084LTR - Ahnu Montara - Erin Foudy

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  • erinfoudy
    Sep 25, 2012
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      Hi Ryan,

      Here is my LTR, thank you in advance for your time and edits. You can find the text version of my report below, and my HTML version at this link:



      Long-Term Report

      Field Conditions:

      Coronado National Forest, Wilderness of Rocks from the summit of Mt. Lemon. Elevation ranging from 7,280 ft to 9,080 ft (2,219 m to 2,768 m). Temperatures ranged from the mid 40s F to the mid 80s F (10 C to 27 C). I hiked 9.5 m (15 km) during two separate 2-day, 1-night trips.

      Several day hikes in Saguaro National Park, the Santa Rita Mountains, and Coronado National Forest around Tucson, Arizona.

      Coronado National Forest, Mt. Lemon during two separate 2-day, 1-night car camping trips. Elevation around 8,000 ft (2,438 m). Temperatures ranged from the 40s F to the mid 80s F (10 C to 27 C).

      Performance in the Field:

      During the Long-Term testing phase the Ahnu Montara boots have continued to perform well for me. I have primarily worn the boots in the mountains surrounding Tucson over this period. These mountains, or sky islands, can be very diverse in landscape and weather. The Montara were worn on rocky uneven terrain, slick-rock, sandy washes, cold creeks, and grassy medows. I have continued to be impressed with the durability of the boot especially given how lightweight it is. The Montara have maintained their nice appearance and show surprisingly minimal wear. I have been very pleased with the eVent fabric and I have had no issues with water seeping into the boot even when standing in water. In addition, I have experienced no problems with excess debris entering the boot.

      As mentioned in earlier phases of the test series, the Montara have a looser fit than I am typically accustomed to in a hiking boot. I attribute this fit to reducing pain I had previously experienced during day hikes and backpacking trips with other boots. The loose fit is extremely comfortable for a hiking boot. However, when traveling on trails down hill for an extended amount of time I have consistently developed hot spots on the balls of my feet because my foot sliding forward in the shoe. For me the loose fit of the boot has both a positive and a negative aspect. I would have to say that the looser fit has been more positive than negative. Yes, the boot has caused hot spots, but I was always able to treat the hot spots before they turned into blisters. Once the hot spots were covered and dealt with, the pain and discomfort that accompanied the hot spots went away as well. Where as the aching feeling I have experienced with tighter fitting boots would begin about a mile in and continue throughout the rest of the hike.


      I have found the Ahnu Montara boot to be a well constructed, attractive, comfortable, and shockingly lightweight hiking boot. The boot has a looser fit than others I have worn which has resulted in some issues, but has also provided a more comfortable fit. Overall, this boot has performed well in various conditions, and has given me the support I look for in a hiking boot.

      1. Very lightweight
      2. Comfortable fit
      3. Waterproof
      4. Attractive appearance
      5. Good support

      1. Loose fit allows my foot to slide around

      This concludes my Long-Term Test Report and this test series. Sincere thanks to Deckers Outdoor Corporation and BackpackGearTest.org for allowing me to participate in this test.
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