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73568EDIT] IR - High Sierra Titan 65 backpack - Kerri Larkin

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  • jetriple@rockwellcollins.com
    Aug 2, 2012
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      > Hi James,
      > Please find following my IR for the High Sierra Sport Company Titan
      > 65 backpack. The HTML version can be found here: Titan-65
      > Thanks in advance for your edits, and hope you don't get eyestrain
      > from such a long report!
      > Kind Regards,
      > Kerri


      Hi Kerri...

      Thank you for your initial report on the High Sierra Titan 65 backpack.

      I found your report descriptive, and delightful to read! Your pictures
      are excellent, the layout crisp, and I had to smile several times at your
      entertaining choice of words. Well done!!!

      Thank you following the rules and cc:ing me directly. That makes life
      much easier for us editors!

      I have several edits for you below, but they are of the nit-picky nature,
      and as I said above, I found your report delightful so hopefully you won't
      take my edits as overly critical. Some of them regard spelling, which can
      be ignored if your Australian spelling is correct.

      Please update your report as you see fit, and once you are satisfied,
      upload it to the proper folder. Please remember to delete the copy in the
      test folder.

      Thanks again Kerri! Nice job... and I look forward to the next
      installment in a couple of months.

      James E. Triplett
      High Sierra Titan 65 Backpack Monitor

      [Comment] A couple of general comments:

      1) I receive the BGT emails in text form, so unfortunately the link to
      your report was not clickable. (Fortunately, the email you sent directly
      to me did not have this problem, but you may want to paste the full link,
      or a TinyURL link in the future.)

      2) it appears your first picture may be from High Sierra. If so, please
      credit them for the photograph.

      Now on to the rest of my edits...

      [Comment] This appears to be clickable, but doesn't go anywhere.

      Manufacturer's Website: http://www.hssc.com
      [EDIT] This link does not seem to be clickable.

      Titan 65 Measurements
      [Edit] In your table in the left column, I'm seeing everything in bold
      except: Waist:, Colour choices:, and Warranty:

      2.54g (5.62 lb)
      [Edit] Please add a space before 'g'
      [EDIT] Please include your measured weight of the backpack.

      Three things struck me immediately I opened the box:
      [EDIT] There seems to be a word missing before "I"... "as I opened",
      "when I opened", or something like that.

      Thirdly, this is way heavier than my normal 35 lire (2135 cu in) pack.
      [EDIT] "35 lire" should be "35 liter". (Or maybe "litre" for you?)
      "litre" is seen throughout your report.

      The main part of the pack is 55 litres in volume (3356 cu in) and accessed
      through a gusseted drawstring closure.
      [Edit] "litres" should be "liters", unless that is your regional spelling
      (several places).

      The closure opens pretty much to the full circumference of the bag, making
      it very easy to insert bulkier gear.
      [Comment] Is this speculation, or do you know this yet? If speculation,
      consider saying "which should make it very easy"...

      An adjustable strap goes from the centre front of the pack (at the base of
      the gusset) to the centre rear (again at the base of the gusset) allowing
      a very positive lock of the top and some compression if the load is large.
      [Edit] "centre" should be "center", unless that is your regional

      Inside the main compartment, at the rear, is a sleeve with an elasticised
      top suited for storing an hydration bladder.
      [EDIT] I'm seeing an extra space between "rear," and "is a sleeve"
      [Edit] "elasticised" should be "elasticized", unless that is your
      regional spelling.

      The bottom strap can also be repositioned to hold a sleeping pad across
      the bottom of the pack too.
      [Edit] "also" and "too" seems redundant. You can probably eliminate one
      or the other.

      High Sierra have even thought to attach the rain cover with a strap to the
      base of the pack - no more lost (or stolen) rain covers!
      [EDIT] Change "High Sierra have" to "High Sierra has"

      Not so the Titan.
      [Edit] Suggestion: "Not so on the Titan" or "Not so with the Titan".

      The pocket is a reasonable size and appears as if it would take most smart
      phones, a GPS, or an ELB (there's a small slot in the top to allow an
      antenna to poke through).
      [EDIT] Probably everyone knows what GPS is by now, but you should perhaps
      spell out ELB.

      Attached to the shoulder straps is a sternum strap which can be slid up or
      down to provide an infinitely variable position, so it should suit almost
      everyone. The Sternum strap webbing attaches to what looks like a sail
      track system, which is what allows it to slide for adjustment. The main
      part of the strap has a bungee section to allow some give without
      over-stretching the strap, which looks like it will make moving and chest
      expansion much more comfortable than a standard strap.
      [Edit] I didn't see any mention of the "adjustable dual aluminum stays"
      in this section.

      It's great that High Sierra recognises that larger people do hike, and
      sometimes that's what they do to lose weight, sometimes they just hike
      because they love it.
      [Edit] "recognises" should be "recognizes", unless that is your regional


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