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73561EDIT: FR: Garmont Amica Trail Shoes - Gail

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  • Jamie Lawrence
    Aug 1, 2012
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      Hi Gail,

      Just a couple of small points below. Once fixed, upload away!



      On 31 July 2012 14:09, woodswoman <woodswoman2001@...> wrote:

      USA Locations and Conditions

      Edit: Not quite sure why you've specified USA in this heading as I can't
      see where you have tested in a non US location??

      . In addtion they have been worn for several dayhikes each week of the test
      > period.

      EDIT: Addition is missing the i between d and t

      > Location of the
      > backcountry trips were in Michigan and ranged
      > from hilly deciduous forest to open
      > non-deciduous communities plus cliff trails above lakeshore.
      > Elevation ranged from 600 ft (183 m) to almost 2000 ft
      > (610 m).
      > June Backpacking Trip
      > EDIT: In the HTML version there is a space before June which puts this
      heading alignment out.

      > I have found the
      > Garmont Amicas comfortable enough for dayhikes and short backpacks.of
      > 2-3 days.

      EDIT: remove the . after backpacks. I'd also replace backpacks with
      backpack trips

      > Although I normally don't wear waterproof shoes during the summer
      > months because of the heat the Amicas have been comfortable.

      EDIT: comma , after heat

      > I did
      > experience rain a couple of times and wet vegetation other
      > times and I was happy that the Amicas remained dry inside. Also after a
      > dayhike with my friends all of them returned with wet shoes, socks
      > and feet and I smartily remarked about how mine were all
      > dry!

      Edit: I assume smartily is a 'term' as my spell check wants it as smartly

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