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73316[EDIT] LTR - Dual Eyewear SL2 sunglasses - Coy Boy

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  • jetriple@rockwellcollins.com
    Jul 3, 2012
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      > Hello James, here is my final installment for these very handy
      > sunglasses. Thanks for any edits and or comments. Enjoy!

      Hey Coy Boy...

      Thank you for your Dual Eyewear SL2 sunglass report. I really enjoyed it,
      and it was nearly flawless!

      I did find a couple of minor things which I have shown below. Please
      adjust your report accordingly and upload / delete, etc... you know the

      Thanks again my friend! I'm happy there were no crashes to report this
      time around!

      James E. Triplett
      Dual Eyewear - Sunglass Monitor


      [Image] Author on an early morning recumbent bike ride
      [Comment] Your rear tire looks a little low... :-)

      The only problem I have experienced (other than almost loosing them) was
      that when I was hiking or riding in really hot weather I would get a few
      drops of sweat on the lens when looking down.
      [EDIT] "loosing" should be "losing".

      There were a couple of times the light was so dim that I could not read
      the menu, I had to just trust my wife...
      [Comment] Consider rewording "I could not read the menu, I had to just
      trust" to "I could not read the menu and I had to just trust".

      The SL2 Dual Eyewear sunglasses have proven to be ideal for most outdoor
      situations, whether it be hiking, riding my bike, driving or reading while
      driving (OK while my wife was driving).
      [Comment] Some would call this "riding" in the car. lol :-) But I like
      the way you wrote it...

      I wont harp on them not being polarized but that would have been icing on
      the cake.
      [EDIT] "wont" should be "won't".


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