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72181EDIT - LTR - REI Arete ASL 2 tent - Brian Hartman

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  • Derek Hansen
    Apr 3, 2012
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      Thank you for posting this to the list! Here are your edits in the typical format (EDIT/Edit/Comment).

      Once you are done, please do the required clean-up and upload your report.



      # # #

      EDIT: Brian, the anchor link in your report isn't working. I'm not sure if that is

      > However, bending such a short pole puts excessive stress on it which may eventually lead to premature failure.

      EDIT/Edit: I think you need to frame this statement differently to avoid projecting an opinion that you didn't see realized. Maybe "I was worried that I would break this short pole by all the stress I put on it, but it seemed to hold up well." I believe you need to find a way to express your worry but also state that in your experience, it never did fail.
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