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  • Cheryl Mcmurray
    Sep 1, 2011
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      Hi Carol,
      Here's my IR for the Incredisocks. The url is: http://tinyurl.com/42eyw3r. I'll be OOP until Sept. 6th so i'll take care of the edits when I return.



      INITIAL REPORT September 3, 2011
      FIELD TEST REPORT November
      LONG TERM REPORT January


      Name: Cheryl McMurray
      Age: 52
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
      Weight: 145 lb (66.6 kg)
      Email Address: cherylmcmurray2ATgmailDOTcom
      City, State, Country: Garden Grove, California, U.S.


      I've been backpacking and hiking for four years, mostly on weekends year around. Overnight trips are usually long weekend trips in the Eastern Sierras with 32 lb to 40 lb (15 kg to 18 kg) loads depending on the season. One class two rock climb with a day pack is common. Day hikes are 10-15 mi (16 km to 24 km) in the San Gabriel Mountains with loads of 15 lb to 20 lb (7 kg to 9 kg). I'm a tent style camper and have experienced snow, sub-freezing temperatures, winds (once was gale force), light rain, but mostly fair weather.


      Manufacturer: Incrediwear
      Manufacturer's website: www.incrediwear.com
      Year of Manufacture: 2011
      Material: 100% organic bamboo charcoal and natural fibers (22% fiber, 48% cotton, 30% flexible fiber)
      Sizes available: S/M men's 7-9.5, women's 8-10; M/L men's 9.5-12.5, women's 10-13
      Weight: 3.3 oz (94 g)
      Size tested: M/L Men's 9.5-13 (41-46 EU)
      Color: Green
      MSRP: $18.90 US

      Incredisocks (taken from website)
      Incredisocks (taken from website)

      August 2011


      Incredisocks are a mid-calf bamboo charcoal sock made by Incrediwear. They are made from 100% organic bamboo charcoal and natural fibers from 5 year old mature Moso Bamboo found in the high mountains of Taiwan. The resulting claim of bamboo charcoal is increased blood flow by releasing good infrared anions (negatively charged particles) producing infrared heat stimulating blood flow to joints and muscles. Incredisocks have a 200 thread count and an advanced weaving technology that creates a unique 3-D weave providing incredible cushion while wicking away moisture and keeping feet dry. Bamboo charcoal also claims to have an antimicrobial quality that resists odor and the manufacturer says that the socks will become softer and thicker after each wash. The composition of the sock makes it thermo-regulating and is supposed to keep my cold feet warm and my warm feet cool.

      In the package
      In the package

      Package front
      Package back
      Package front
      Package back


      I received 2 pairs of green/charcoal color Incredisocks size M/L men's along with a fact/testimonial sheet and a 2 page paper on the science behind Incrediwear and Anions. I immediately noticed how substantial these socks felt as they have a compression quality to the feel. There is a more solid weave pattern at the heel and ball of the foot, a ribbed weave pattern to the calf area and a checkered-like weave pattern to the foot top and arch area. I like the color of the sock and look of the logo at the toe area, although the only one who will see that will be me. I'm really looking forward to testing the claims of these socks to see if my feet and calf's will indeed feel less tired and more energized, not to mention the temperature regulating. I usually wear sock liners under my socks to prevent blisters but will try these socks without the liners in order to keep the bamboo material next to my skin.

      Solid weave pattern at ball of foot
      Checkered weave pattern at foot top and arch area
      Weave pattern at ball of foot
      Weave pattern at foot top and arch area


      The suggestion from the manufacturer is to spend 1 hour with an Incredisock on one foot and my usual hiking sock on the other and then wear both socks after that. I'm also supposed to feel a temperature increase to my joint (ankle joint, I'm assuming) within 5 minutes.

      I took a 6 mi (10 km) hike at Peter's Canyon that has rolling terrain. There are some steep ups and downs along with flatter terrain. The temperature ranged from 70 F (21 C) to 78 F (26 C). I put the Incredisock on my left foot and put one of my synthetic socks with a polypro sock liner on my right foot (my usual combination). The difference was felt immediately. The foot with the Incredisock did feel cooler from the start and the sock had a soothing soft feel to it next to my skin. My right foot, although comfortable did not feel those qualities. I wore my light trail shoes that had some mesh venting to it. Although neither foot was tired at the end of the hike, the foot with the Incredisock maintained its cool, soft feel. I had no chafing or blisters from wearing the Incredisock alone without a sock liner and suspect that I may not have to wear liners at all with these socks. I like that. The bottom of my foot was completely dry and the top of the foot had minimal moisture. The foot without the Incredisock had the same results. There was no odor to either sock at the end of the hike but I'm not sure that I would say that I felt a temperature increase to my left ankle joint within 5 minutes. Still in all, I'm very impressed with the feel of the Incredisock after the hike.

      Combination used for day hike

      Combination used for Peter's Canyon hike


      So far, I'm impressed with the performance of the Incredisock verses my synthetic sock/sock liner combination. It did indeed kept my foot cool and although I could not exactly gauge the claim of stimulating blood flow to my foot, as the hike was not long enough to get my foot very tired, it did stay very comfortable. It wicked moisture completely away on the bottom of my foot and kept the top of my foot fairly dry. The sock had no odor after the hike. I do wear leather boots backpacking and leather/mesh Goretex boots on serious day hikes so I will be interested to see how these socks perform under heavier use with different types of boots that might not breathe as well.

      Check back in a few months for my field test report.

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