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69122Application: Ahnu Rockridge II Shoes - Nancy Griffith

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  • Nancy Griffith
    Jul 1, 2011
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      Hi Ryan,

      Please consider my application to test the Ahnu Rockridge II trail shoes.  I have read the BackpackGearTest.org By-Laws (v. 0609) particularly Chapters 4, 5 and 6 and I agree to abide by all rules and requirements. My signed Tester Agreement is on file. 

      Tester information:
      · Nancy Griffith
      · 45
      · Female
      · 5’6” (1.68 m)
      · 130 lb (59 kg)
      · bkpkrgirlATyahooDOT com
      · Northern California, USA

      Backpacking background:
      My outdoor experience began in high school with involvement in a local canoeing/camping group called Canoe Trails. The culmination was a 10-day canoe voyage through the Quebec wilds. I've been backpacking since my college days in Pennsylvania, then for years in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and now mostly in the Sierra Nevada of California. Most of my trips are section hikes or loops from a few days to a week. I carry a mid-weight load, use a tent and hiking poles.

      Test plan or strategy:
      I have been contemplating using light hikers/trail runners for our August Sequoia trip instead of waterproof boots.  Due to the heavy snowfall this winter, there will be a lot of snow fields, water runoff and deep river crossings so Gore-tex is unlikely to be useful (water too deep) and I just hate to carry extra water shoes.  These trail runners look perfect.  The website doesn't show the weight, but I googled and saw them at about 11 oz which would be great.  I'm interested to see just how tough these shoes are while still being light.  How well do the soles grip in wet conditions? on snow?  Do they work well with low gaiters?  How quickly do they dry out after those stream crossings?  Do they rub my feet while wet?
      Test Conditions:
      On average we backpack once per month. Most trips will be in the Sierra Nevada of California. 
      Backpacking: Sierra Nevada, 4,000 to 8,000 ft (1,200 – 2,400 m); 30 to 90 F (0 to 32 C).   

      Firm Backpacking Trips:
      August: 6-day: Sequoia National Park, Sierra Nevada, California, 6,700 to 11,600 ft (2,032– 3,535 m); 20 to 80 F (-7 to 27 C); snow fields, water runoff, river/stream crossings;
      Pennsylvania...details unknown at this time

      I would also wear them for my pre-dawn runs (once a week), on any day hikes and for general use.

      My current tests are:
      Past Primitive Stove - LTR due 8/2
      Hydrapak Morro Hydration Pack - FR due 7/19
      Smartwool Tank Top - FR date not yet set

      I have written 25 OR's (3 this year) and completed 30 test series.
      My reviews can be viewed at:
      I have one other app pending for the Ryder's Defcon sunglasses.

      RP status is 10 @ -1, RU status is 10 @ -1

      Labors of Love: Test Call Manager, Monitor 

      Thank you for considering my application.


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