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68410TEST CALL CLOSING - Afraid of cats?

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  • ringrat55
    Apr 26, 2011
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      A reminder that the High Sierra Bobcat 65 test call will close tomorrow night (April 27). Thank you to Erin and Cheryl for applying.

      I need some more applications, please. I have a hard time believing that a whole group of backpackers can't use a 65L pack.

      Hope to see a few more today and tomorrow.

      The original test call is below.


      TEST CALL - Afraid of cats?

      Put that fear behind you in order to test this pack!

      High Sierra is looking for three testers to try out their Bobcat 65 external frame pack.

      More info about the product can be found here:

      Please include the following in your application:
      1. The opening disclaimer for testing
      2. Your bio
      3. A brief test plan, showing that you understand the product and where you'll use it
      4. A list of what you are currently testing AND a link to your test status page
      5. The number of Owner Reviews you have completed in the last year
      6. A list of any outstanding applications
      7. Any additional BGT roles you play

      Newbie limit DOES NOT apply
      US shipping included
      Jenn is the Mod

      Please put "High Sierra Bobcat" in the subject line of your application.

      This call will close at 9 pm MDT on April 27, 2011.

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