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68016LTR - Princetontec Byte - Jerry Adams

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  • jerry adams
    Mar 20, 2011
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      January 18 - 4 night backpack on Illinois River in Southwest Oregon.  22 miles
      (35 km).  34 to 55 F (1 to 13 C).  Used low white mode for 8 hours.
      Wearing headlamp near Illinois River:
      January 24 - Turned on light for the last time on this set of batteries and let
      it burn until it died to determine burn time.
      I used the Byte on one more trip and determined that when I used the low
      intensity white mode:
      For 4 hours I could use the light normally, turning it on and off at will.
      For another 4 hours I could turn the light on, but when I turned it off it went
      into the weird failure mode and I had to remove the batteries to turn it off. 
      If I let it sit over night I could turn it on again.
      Then I just left the light on.  It was bright enough for another 40 hours that I
      could use it around camp - fairly bright 10 feet away.  For another 14 hours it
      was bright enough I could see at arm's length but very faint further away.  For
      another 24 hours it was so faint as to be un-usable in my opinion.  Then it
      turned off completely.
      Burn time summary - 48 hours if you define burn time as visible 10 feet away, 62
      hours if you define burn time as visible at arms length, or 86 hours if you
      define burn time as very faint.  Manufacturers specified burn time is 96 hours.
      It's too bad the Byte has this problem that it can't be turned off.  It would be
      a pretty good light otherwise.
      It took 4 hours on low intensity white or 1 hour on high intensity white before
      it went into this mode that when I pushed the switch to turn it off, it had a
      very faint white light and wouldn't further respond to the switch - I had to
      remove the batteries to turn it off.
      Then, if I let the batteries rest over night, it would turn back on and I could
      run it an additional 4 hours on low or 1 hour on high.
      Beyond that, I just left the light on and got a burn time of about 2/3 of the
      specified burn time of 80 hours on high or 96 hours on low.  It was very faint
      but still barely usable at the end.  Of course, this isn't real useful if you
      can't turn the light off and back on.
      Another thing is to compare the Byte with its 2 AAA batteries, with the
      ubiquitous 3 AAA LED headlamps, which have a burn time in the range of 120 to
      200 hours on low, in my experience.  I would hope that the 2 AAA Byte would be
      2/3 of that - 80 to 133 hours.  I got 62 hours burn time until it was still
      usable at arms length.  The Byte is somewhat less than I would hope for.
      Otherwise, the Byte is a nice little light:
      Lightweight because it has only 2 AAA batteries.
      The switch operates nicely.
      The head rotates nicely.
      The light feels comfortable around my head.
      The head and headband are very stylish.
      I will not be using this light again.
      Thanks to Princetontec and backpackgeartest.org for letting me test this.

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2011.  All rights reserved.

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