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67305EDIT: ULA Circuit (John W.)

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  • nwcurt
    Jan 2, 2011
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      Sorry for the long delay. I thought I'd posted this up, but apparently haven't since BridGeT keeps telling me so :) Just a couple minor edits and you're good to go. Thanks for the patience!


      Pack weight with everything was about 40 pounds (18 kg) when departing, mostly due to all that water (4 liters, or about 1 gallon, weighs just about 8 pounds (3.6 kg)
      **Need a period at the end of this sentence

      If I can't break them or push them aside, I have to get over or under these obstacles The pack did not pull me from side to side, going over or under all these bushwhacking challenges and stayed well attached to my body without the feeling it was going to lift off or come loose.
      **Need a period in between these two sentences

      My GPS worked well mounted on the shoulder strap as reported before and I was able to insert my compact binoculars into the waist belt pouch on one side and my Touch Pro 2 windows Mobile phone in the other.
      **Need to capitalize the "W" in "Windows"

      It is comfortable and a lighter weight than I am used compared with other packs I've own.
      **Need to add "to" after "used"
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