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67082EDITS: LTR - Exped DreamWalker - Coy Boy

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  • thebootfitters
    Dec 1, 2010
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      Thanks for an enjoyable read. I have a few items for your consideration in the traditional EDIT/Edit/Comment format. Please address these items and upload at will.


      > I used now used the Exped DreamWalker Syn 133...
      -- Appears you started editing and didn't finish. Perhaps you meant "I have now used"?

      > First of all... First of all... (under Long Term Testing Results)
      -- You used the phrase "first of all" two times within a few short sentences of each other. This reads a little awkwardly. You may wish to consider removing or changing one of them.

      > ...it was a simple mater...
      -- Typo/spelling. Should be "matter."

      > I can't imagine anything much worse than accidentally getting some poo on my sleeping bag and then having to sleep in it.
      -- Ha ha! Amen to that!

      > In other word, I pulled the DreamWalker out of the hammock...
      -- Typo. Missed the plural on "words."

      > Bottom line, I slept very good each night...
      -- Instead of the adjective "good," you need the adverb "well" to describe the verb "slept" in this sentence.

      > And other then these nature calls I slept very good most of the night.
      -- Typo/spelling. "Then" should be "than."
      --Also, here's another instance where you need the adverb "well" instead of the adjective "good" to describe the verb "slept."

      > ... in relation to the bag under me but I fell it is worth noting.
      -- Typo/spelling. "Fell" should be "felt."

      > The other thing I discovered it that by having the long version...
      -- I think this is just a typo, and you meant "is" instead of "it." However, you should re-read the sentence just to be sure that was your intent and fix accordingly.
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