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66823EDIT: Re: IR - CamelBak Antidote - Andrea Murland

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  • Jamie D.
    Oct 30, 2010
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      Hi Andrea,

      Glad the product finally arrived. Thanks for getting the IR in so quickly. Pics and layout look good and your links worked fine. Edits are listed below marked with ## below a snip of your words.

      Safe hiking,
      Jamie D
      Monitor – CamelBak Antidote Monitor

      you - The cap is stamped with an arrow and and the fill port ring with markings showing "open" and "closed" to indicate the position of the cap and where it should be positioned.

      ##Edit – please remove the extra "and"

      Well for doing this report in a hurry, you did a very nice job. That's all I found. Upload when ready.
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