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65910FR - OR - Ferrosi Shorts - Derek Hansen

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  • Derek Hansen
    Aug 23, 2010
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      THANK YOU! Here is my Field Report.

      > http://tiny.cc/fr-ferrosi



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      24 Aug 2010

      During this phase, I went on an additional 6 day hikes and 3 overnight
      backpacking trips totaling 36 extra miles (58 km).

      Here are some highlighted trips:

      July 1-3 ~ Fremont Indian State Park, central Utah. This was a car-
      camping family reunion in an amazing location. Most of us used
      hammocks to camp. During the day, I participated on a few day hikes
      with the pack. Elevation roughly 6000 ft (1829 m) and daytime
      temperatures in the high 80s F (27 C) with lots of wind.

      July 16-17 ~ West Fork of Oak Creek, Coconino National Forest,
      Arizona. I convinced a co-worker to do an S24O trip (less than 24-hour
      trip) into the Oak Creek Wilderness area. Immediately after work, we
      drove down to the canyon and hiked up the creek about 4 miles (6 km)
      and hammocked in the canyon. The elevation was level at 5400 ft (1646
      m) and the overnight low was in the mid-60s F (16 C). We were up by 4
      AM and back on the trail and back to our car, passing folks just
      rising for the day.

      Aug 7 ~ Cedar Breaks, Utah. A few day hikes with my wife. The
      elevation was over 10,000 ft (3000 m). We encountered a few sprinkles
      of rain (the tail end of a thunderstorm) and temperature of about 40 F
      (4 C).

      Aug 13-14 ~ Fisher Point, Coconino National Forest, Arizona. Another
      S24O trip just outside Flagstaff. The 9-mile (14.5 km) trip took us
      through skunk canyon (6600 ft/2011 m) and up to the top of Fisher
      Point (7000 ft/2134 km). We pitched our hammocks on the edge of a
      cliff. Overnight low was 48 F (9 C).
      Fremont Indian State Park

      These shorts have really done well. I have worn them almost daily at
      home and for all my outdoor trips, including backpacking, hiking, and
      trail running. Besides being a little bit big around my waist, these
      are my favorite shorts to wear right now. They have a nice feel, they
      glide easily against my skin, and they breathe well.

      During my family trip to Fremont, we went on a few day hikes in some
      very hot, arid areas. The shorts felt cool and I was so grateful to
      have them on this trip. On one hike, we went down into the valley and
      crossed a major river. You wouldn't know it was there except for this
      patch of lush, willow-chocked are in an otherwise desert terrain.
      Water that splashed on the shorts beaded up and shed easily.
      Oak Creek

      I had a similar experience of shedding light water during my hike down
      the West Fork of Oak Creek, just south of Flagstaff, Arizona. The
      trail was oddly humid for Arizona and I felt like I was back in
      Virginia as we trekked through leafy vegetation and ferns. We had to
      cross the creek multiple times and every-so-often I would stop and
      dunk my head for a quick cool-down. The shorts breathed well and kept
      the light splashing off with no soak-through.
      Fisher Point

      A photo of me sporting my Ferrosi shorts while backpacking to Fisher
      Point near Flagstaff, Arizona.
      Cedar Breaks

      My wife and I went on a "honeymoon" trip to Cedar Breaks with our 3-
      month-old and went on a few day hikes. The elevation was over 10,000
      ft (3000 m) and a storm front had moved through before we arrived,
      bringing a lot of rain and cooler temperatures. It was cold enough
      that my wife and I had to layer up. I slipped over some thermals I
      brought, but we decided it would look better if I put them on under
      the shorts instead of over them. The shorts were roomy enough for
      layering and worked perfectly for the hike.

      These shorts have been wonderful. They shed light water easily,
      breathe well, and feel great. The shorts are roomy, and besides the
      size being a little large for my waist, they fit great. For a make-
      shift belt, I've used a webbing strap from my hammock while I hike,
      and remove it when I sleep in the shorts.

      PRO--I still love the fit and feel and the water repellency.

      CON--None, really.

      Please return in approximately two months for my field report.

      I would like to thank Outdoor Research and BackpackGearTest.org for
      providing me with the opportunity to test this product.
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