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65349SELECTIONS: OR Graphic Dry Bag

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  • nwcurt
    Jul 1, 2010
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      Congrats to Richard Lyon, Kristine Mar, and Chad Poindexter! You'be been selected to test this dry sack.

      Thank you for you patience on this test. Outdoor Research has been bombarded with shipping orders lately (12 items being mailed out just from my calls - more with other Mods) and we needed to give them a little time to catch up. Most of the shirts and hats they've been sending out are now arriving in testers' hands, so we can start lining up more gear.

      Please get me the following asap and we'll get this test underway:

      Mailing Address:
      Size and Color Preference:

      Not sure if OR is going to send out all the same bag regardless or if we have full choice, so I figure it's best to include exactly what you want. Check out: http://www.outdoorresearch.com/site/graphic_dry_sack.html for the choices.

      Thanks again for everyone's patience on this one!

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