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62473EDITS - IR- Tifosi Optics- Will Rice

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  • tcallahanbgt
    Feb 7, 2010
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      Nice write up. Here are your edits. Please look them over and post when ready.

      A few of the edits involve the way numbers are written. While I knew what you meant, the suggested edits will make it a little easier and clearer to understand for the reader. There are also some edits that round off numbers that have been converted to metric. Here's a link that gives a good description of this.

      There are also edits for metric units. Here's a helpful link that I book marked some time ago to help me out when writing reports.

      >Edit: Though not required, it is recommended that you include a statement that summarizes the days of use. Something along the lines of,
      "During Field Testing I used the sunglasses for a total XX days, of this XX days were hiking/backpacking, XX days were snowboarding, XX days were running, etc.
      See this link for recommended guidance,

      > Weather: sunny, windy (10-15 mph, 16- 24 kph), 49 F (9.4 C)
      EDIT: Change 16- 24 kph to 16 to 24 km/h
      Edit: Change (9.4 C) to (9 C)

      > Activity: Hiking to top of mountain (1000 ft/ 304 m elevation gain), 3.4 miles (5.5 km) roundtrip
      Edit: Change 304 m to 300 m

      > Weather: Overcast to sunny, windy (10-15 mph, 16- 24 kph), 30-40 F (-1-4.4)
      Edit: Change 16-24 kph to 16 to 24 km/h
      Edit: Change (-1-4.4) to (-1 to 4 C)

      > Activity: Snowboarding (1500-2500 ft/ 457-762 m)
      Edit: Change 457-762 m to 500-800 m

      > Weather: Cold and sunny, 16-37 F (-8-2.7 C), windy (8 mph, 12.8 kph), 48% humidity
      Edit: (-8-2.7 C) to (-8 to 3 C)
      EDIT: 12.8 kph to 13 km/h
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