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61864Re: Mod - EDIT -IR - Timex WS4 watch - R Caffin

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  • Roger Caffin
    Jan 6, 2010
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      > just an observation. I understand your frustration but I dont think it is
      > Timex specific, especaially after reading
      > this info (see link) I'm am under the impression that water resistant
      > claims of such and such are common practice
      > and they have to meet certin specs for said rating. So if it is
      > misleading it is industry wide.
      Thanks Coy.
      Yes, that puts a whole new light on it, and one which convinces me that I
      should change what I have written. I remain convinced that the whole
      industry is taking the public for a bit of a ride, but clearly it is not
      Timex-specific. Pity the poor public!

      TV - the links you gave may work, but I could not find the FAQ that way. It
      is not in fact on the Timex web site at all.
      I found the FAQ link on the WS4 page at

      This raises a serious question of which website we should quote: Timex or
      The home page for the latter is http://en.timexexpedition.com/Home.htm
      and this seems to me to be the one we should use as it has the far more
      relevant info. But a ruling is needed.

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