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61839Re: [backpackgeartesters] Mod - EDIT -IR - Timex WS4 watch - R Caffin

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  • Roger Caffin
    Jan 5, 2010
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      Hi Thomas and Mods

      > > The specifications claim '50 m water resistance', but apparently this
      > > is
      > > another one of those dubious marketing claims which you are not meant to
      > > actually believe or use. The FAQ page for the watch does say 'We do not
      > > recommend swimming with your WS4. The WS4 is 50 meter water resistant,
      > > and
      > > the general rule of thumb for any watch is: 30 meter can be safely
      > > splashed;
      > > 50 meters is safe in a shower; 100 meters is safe in the pool; and 200
      > > meters is safe for snorkeling or light diving.' I find this definition
      > > for
      > '50 m' to be misleading to the point of being deliberately fraudulent.
      > Roger,
      > I am going to take issue with the statement of being "deliberately
      > fraudulent"
      > Unless I am missing something, the watch states it has '50 m water
      > resistance' and the website for the particular watch actually defines
      > what this means, how is that fraudulent?

      I refer you to the web site and the page for the WS4 watch. Clicking on
      'Product Details' produces a bullet list of specifications, which include
      the statement 'Water Resistant 50 M'.

      NOWHERE on this page does it define what that means, and I challenge you to
      ask 100 people (not privy to this discussion) what they think it means. I am
      betting that at least 90% of them would say that it means that the watch can
      be taken to 50 m depth. Ask a jury what they would think it means. Even ask
      a lawyer!

      Yes, if you delve into the FAQ page you can find the statement that it just
      means that the watch is safe in the shower. But that is weaselling out of
      the situation. Try to find the FAQ page yourself. There are NO references to
      it on the WS4 page, NO references to it on the Home page, and NO suggestions
      anywhere else (that I could find) that the company has redefined what 'Water
      Resistant 50 M' actually means. Thew redefinition is very well hidden.

      As a matter of fact, it is so well hidden that I can't even find the FAQ
      page myself now! So how would a random customer find it? A random customer
      would buy the watch expecting it to take 50 m of water.

      OK, I am a little hard-line on this. But I thought BGT was about real
      reviews by real people, not about smooging up to companies and flattering
      them? I will happily praise companies when they deserve it (and some do),
      but I will equally condemn them when they deserve it. Yes, I say that the
      way this has been worded on the Timex web site IS 'misleading to the point
      of being deliberately fraudulent', even if that is not your choice of words.

      > So maybe some clarification and rewording would make this work much
      > better.
      I'm listening, but I am not retracting yet.

      Roger Caffin
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