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  • cdaignault
    Oct 5, 2009
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      Just FYI -- I know there is a lot of support for using YouTube for this. Aside from the fact that I believe Jerry said it will be a requirement to host the videos on BGT's site, YouTube is blocked by a lot of locations at the firewall.

      I can't say for sure how many folks are surfing the web and reading BGT while at work, however, I'm pretty sure it's quite a few. If YouTube is blocked, it's a put-off for those attempting to read our newly video-enhanced reports [if we use YouTube].

      I am not able to view YouTube videos at work. I do a lot of my report-writing and editing from work [during breaks and lunchtime] because when I'm home, I'm off in the woods without a wire. Using YouTube would cause several issues for me with regard to writing and editing video-enhanced reports.

      I like Derek's suggestions for an app to create/serve the videos and I would prefer them to be hosted on BGT's site [since we have unlimited bandwidth and storage].

      That's my 2.5 cents. :)

      -- Chari [who can now breathe out of at least one nostril]

      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, "Andrew Buskov" <rescue@...> wrote:
      > My understanding of the way that youtube works is this.... people upload
      > videos, and a script runs every few minutes that converts those videos to
      > the proper format. If we're hosting on a linux server and have the ability
      > to run programs, then we can essentially create the same style service as
      > youtube without too much effort. The problem would be setting up the script
      > to convert all the possibilities of filetypes that people upload.
      > AB
      > > I don't want it to *be* YouTube, I just want it to function like
      > > YouTube.
      > > All videos have to be stored on our site. We need to decide on a format
      > > because I only want one. I'd rather the readers not have to download a
      > > viewer, thus my description of *like* YouTube.
      > >
      > > Jerry
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