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59681RE: [backpackgeartesters] Re: Video in reports

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  • Andrew Buskov
    Oct 3, 2009
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      My understanding of the way that youtube works is this.... people upload
      videos, and a script runs every few minutes that converts those videos to
      the proper format. If we're hosting on a linux server and have the ability
      to run programs, then we can essentially create the same style service as
      youtube without too much effort. The problem would be setting up the script
      to convert all the possibilities of filetypes that people upload.


      > I don't want it to *be* YouTube, I just want it to function like
      > YouTube.
      > All videos have to be stored on our site. We need to decide on a format
      > because I only want one. I'd rather the readers not have to download a
      > viewer, thus my description of *like* YouTube.
      > Jerry
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