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  • gdm320
    Oct 2, 2009
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      Dude... seriously? THANK GOD!!! I want to do this so badly.

      When I was doing my test series on the MSR HyperFlow I wanted to use one of the manufacturer's official demo videos on backflushing and was told by Leesa I could not. I asked if I could make my own and was told I could not. Man this will make demo'ing setup and maintainance so much easier!

      I agree, I think YouTube is the best way to go. Just setup and account and let them do all the hosting. Plus YouTube even provides the HTML coding to embed the video in a webpage for free... all I did during my testing on the HyperFlow report was stick the HTML they provided in ReportWriter and it worked like a charm.

      90 seconds should be plenty of time... I'd actually be surprised if people used the entire 90 second allotment.

      Most digital cameras nowadays have a video record option don't they? I don't think anyone would need much more than that... although video editing software would probably help. There are free applications available online for that.

      I'm excited!

      Greg M

      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, "Jerry Goller" <ChiefModerator@...> wrote:
      > I want to start embedding video in our reports. I need some help with this.
      > Here are my questions:
      > 1. How receptive is the group to this idea.
      > 2. What format do we go with? I want all videos to be in the same format.
      > I'm envisioning something like YouTube that would allow the video to run
      > within the report and not require a different page to open.
      > 3. I think 90 seconds it enough time for video length. Is it?
      > 4. How do we do this? What is required and who can do it?
      > Jerry
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