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52633EDIT: FR - Montrail Helium GTX Boots - John Waters

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  • Mike C.
    Feb 3 8:48 AM
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      Nice report. I got jealous over the OR show references!

      Below are your edits in the usual format: EDIT=Change, Edit=Change
      something, Comment=Just that.

      See you in two months!

      Mike C.


      . . . in a variety of hiking and snowshoeing
      activities from 4500 ft to 11,300 ft (1400 to 3400 km) above sea
      level . . .

      EDIT: 4,500 ft


      I've been able to easily take off my street shoes while sitting in
      the car driver's seat
      and slide into the GTX without even touching them with my hands.

      Comment: How fast were you going at the time. :-)


      We are going to head out to a trail, before the end of this test that
      has a
      stream crossing 13 times before reaching the trail end. If the stream
      flowing, it'll be a good test of waterproofing and stability on wet

      Edit: I don't usually comment on comma usage, but this one seems a
      little confusing. I would either eliminate the comma in the first
      sentence, or add a comma between "test" and "that" to set that clause

      Please check back in late March for the results of my next two months'
      results of testing the Montrail Helium GTX Boots.

      EDIT: One of the two instances of the word "results" should be
      deleted (either "for my next two months' results" or "for the results
      of my next two months of testing").
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