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51890Extension Request: SD Cyclone Jacket/Pants - Hollis Easter

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  • Hollis Easter
    Dec 31, 2008
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      Happy new year, everyone!

      Curt and Richard (and Leesa), I'd like to request a five-day extension
      on my Sierra Designs Cyclone Eco Jacket and Pants FRs, originally due
      January 6th. If possible, I'd like an extension until January 11th.

      Starting tomorrow, I'll be spending 10-16 hours a day doing Wilderness
      First Responder stuff, much of it outside. This will give me some good
      fodder for reporting. It's also scheduled to be really, really cold,
      which will be good for the pants report. I've carried the pants on many
      trips so far, but it hasn't been cold enough (or deep enough snow) to
      really want a hard shell on my legs. I think it will be this week.

      So: may I have an extension on those reports?

      Thanks, and best wishes for the new year,
      Hollis (Easter, since we have another Hollis now)
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