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50352IR - Gordini Light Weight Shirt - Callahan

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  • tcallahanbgt
    Nov 2 9:40 AM
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      Below is my IR for the Gordini Light Weight Long Sleeve Crew Shirt.
      The html version may be found here, http://tinyurl.com/6egrty

      November 01, 2008


      NAME: Tom Callahan
      EMAIL: tcallahanbgt AT yahoo DOT com
      AGE: 49
      LOCATION: Seattle, Washington, USA
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
      WEIGHT: 170 lb (77.10 kg)

      For the past 20 years I have lived off and on in Washington State,
      backpacking in the Cascade Mountains. I get out regularly on day
      hikes and multi-day trips and usually try to include a good off trail
      scramble. During the winter I get out snowshoeing at every
      opportunity. I also enjoy glacier climbing, summiting prominent peaks
      like Mt. Rainier (14K ft/4K m) and Mt. Baker (10K ft/3K m). My pack
      weight will range from 15 - 50 lbs (7 - 23 kg) depending on the
      season and the length and type of trip.



      Manufacturer: Gordini
      Year of Manufacture: 2008
      Manufacturer's Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE -
      MSRP: US$ 35.00
      Listed Weight: N/A
      Measured Weight: 6.2 oz (175 g)
      Size: Large
      Color choices: Black, Charcoal, Chocolate, Denim


      The shirt came in its retail packaging. This is a bright orange box
      and is very eye catching. It promenantly displays the Lavawool logo.
      The Lavawool fabric is a combination of 88% Polyester and 12% Merino
      Wool. Product information on the box states:

      - The warmth and benefits of Merino Wool with the comfort of fleece.
      - Employs inherent insulation properties of wool.
      - Uses synthetic fibers to wick moisuture.
      - The natural crimp of wool allows it to bounce back into shape,
      remaining effective in all weather conditions.
      - Outperforms the leading synthetic fabric and 100% wool in moisture

      In addtion to this product information the box has two graphics
      showing the thermal resistance (warmth) and the quick drying
      properties of the Gordini Lavawool fabric relavitve to 100% Polyester
      Filament (Leading Ski Brand), 100% Polyester Filament (Leading
      Outdoor Brand) and 100% Merino Wool (Leading Outdoor Brand). In the
      thermal resistance graphic the "mid-weight" Lavawool fabric is
      compared to the other fabics. In the drying properties graphic it
      compares the "light weight" Lavawool with the other fabrics. As a
      consumer this information would have been more useful if the same or
      even both weights of the Lavawool fabric were used in each comparison
      = "Lavawool Shirt">>
      Upon taking the item out of its packaging I was immediately struck by
      the light weight of the fabric. It was almost a bit sheer. While I
      was expecting this to be a light weight base layer, I didn't expect
      it to be quite this light. The Lavawool fabric felt smooth and
      comfortable to the touch. It was not scratchy like a pure wool
      garmet. It was also not as smooth as a silk garment. It felt very
      similar to base layer garments I have used that were 100% synthetic
      material and so the feel of this garment is what I expected. The
      fabric is slightly stretchy which I also expected. The construction
      of the garment is very sound. All stitching was straight and tight
      with no loose threads. The shirt has a thin neck band and wrist cuffs
      which are made with folded over fabric that has been serged. The tag
      for the garment is imprinted on the fabric.
      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "Neck band and printed tag" IMAGE
      CAPTION = "Neck band and printed tag">>


      The garment does not require any special care or treatment. The tag
      provides very simple care instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry
      low. No bleach.


      I tried on the shirt and the fit was a bit loose. I have a 40 in
      chest and will take either a Medium or a Large, depending on the
      garment and manufacturer sizing. The Gordini sizing chart on the
      packaging indicates a 40/42 for the Large. So for this test I ordered
      a size Large. Due to the stretchy nature of the fabric a size Medium
      would probably provide a better fit. But the size Large is only
      slightly loose and it fits well enough to use as an effective upper
      base layer. The Lavawool fabric of this shirt felt comfortable
      against my skin. The neck band and wrist cuffs also fit well and were
      not too tight.


      This shirt seems like a good basic light weight base layer. It is
      well made with quality fabric. This fabric is called Lavawool and is
      composed of 88% Polyester and 12% Merino Wool. The shirt's Lavawool
      material is comfortable against my skin. The material is a bit
      lighter in weight than I was expecting. During testing I will be
      anxious to find out the extent to which this shirt keeps me warm. I
      also want to find out if this garment meets the manufacturer claims
      for its quick drying properties. In addition to testing these
      properties I will be checking to see how the garmet holds up when
      worn in the field and to repeated washings.

      This concludes my Initial Report of the Gordini Light Weight Long
      Sleeve Crew Shirt. Please check back in about 2 months for my Field

      My thanks to BackPackerGearTest.org and Gordini for the opportunity
      to test this item.

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.
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