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49412Application - Gordini Baselayers - Kettner

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  • kettnernw
    Oct 6, 2008
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      Application - Gordini Baselayers - Kettner

      Please accept my application to test the Gordini Baselayers. I
      have read Chapter Five of the BackpackGearTest Survival Guide,
      version 0609, and I will follow all requirements.


      NAME: Nathan Kettner
      EMAIL: kettnernw "at" yahoo "dot" com
      AGE: 31
      LOCATION: Colorado Springs, Colorado
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 6' 1" (1.85 m)
      WEIGHT: 175 lb (79.40 kg)

      I'm a medium weight backpacker, meaning my pack usually weighs 30-35
      lb (13-16 kg), and I generally hike a moderate pace, 10-12 miles (16-
      19 km) per day and mostly in mountainous terrain.
      I almost always use a tent, but have slept under the stars on
      several occasions just for the view. I'm a weekend backpacker and
      make lots of day trips and single nights out, plus a few week-long
      backpack trips. All of my outings have been in the beautiful and
      rugged Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Wyoming since I started
      backpacking in 2004.

      Field Information:
      If selected, I intend to test this shirt on an upcoming multi-day
      hunting trip in the Routt National Forest in northern Colorado, a two
      day snowshoeing trip, and several day hikes. The average temperature
      will vary significantly, from lows near 10 Degrees Fahrenheit (-12
      Degrees Celsius) to highs near 70 Degrees Fahrenheit (21 Degrees
      Celsius), with elevations from 6,300 - 13,500 Feet (1,920 - 4,100
      Meters) above sea level.

      Test Plan:
      I hike many miles each day when I'm hunting and have come to
      understand that high quality fabrics are essential to staying
      comfortable. Since the weather can change rapidly from warm and
      sunny to cold and snowy, the right types of fabric, especially the
      ones against my skin, could actually prevent me from suffering
      hypothermia. While I'm hiking around the mountains of Colorado I
      invariably get too warm and start to sweat. If I'm not wearing
      clothes that breathe well and can wick away the moisture, I'm
      certain to get uncomfortably cold and possibly life-threanteningly
      chilled to the bone. I would wear the Traverse Shirt while hiking
      up to 12 miles over broken terrain (I don't spend too much time on
      trails while hunting) each day.

      Test Criteria:
      Fit - Is the material cut to the proper dimensions to fit snugly,
      but still cover my long arms?
      Breathability - Will my skin feel clammy underneath?
      Wicking - When I work up a sweat, will the material keep
      my dry and warm?
      Durability - Will the machine washable fabric hold up?
      Odor - Does the "anti-microbial finish" really prevent odors from
      repelling my hiking companions?

      According to the sizing chart and my general experience, I would
      need a Large.

      Previously Written Owner Reviews:

      MSR PocketRocket with Titan Kettle (Lightweight canister stove with
      titanium kettle. - April 29, 2008)

      Mountainsmith Pinnacle Trekking Poles (March 12, 2008)

      Currently Testing Other Items:

      Primus CT Headlamp - FR complete

      OR Sun Runner Cap - FR complete

      Sitka Gear Traverse Shirt - IR in progress

      Thank you BGT and Gordini for considering me for this test,

      Nathan Kettner

      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, "Andrew Preece"
      <a1preece@...> wrote:
      > Hi Everyone
      > With no expense spared by the test call crew, I am please to
      > the latest from Gordini.
      > Lite base layers, tops and bottoms.
      > Three skilful men and lady application writers will each receive a
      > set of top and bottom base layer clothing. There looks to be a
      > of colours and the ladies fair better in colour choice, but no
      > guarantees are given on colour. They look to be very nice and made
      > some nice material, so get your fingers typing and get those apps
      > I have made available a sizing chart on my website which can be
      > downloaded as a pdf.
      > http://teamgunnparker.com/software/gordini_size.pdf
      > Now the nitty gritty
      > Gordini Baselayers
      > Lite Base Layer - Tops and Bottoms
      > http://gordini.com/index.php?
      > option=com_content&task=view&id=707&Itemid=73
      > or
      > http://tinyurl.com/3fk7ln
      > Newbie Limit does not apply
      > US Shipping included
      > One application - two reports one for the tops and one for the
      > Chuck is the Mod
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