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48337Application - High Sierra Sport Long 90 L Pack

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  • Jamie Lawrence
    Sep 2, 2008
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      Please accept my application to test the High Sierra Sport Long Trail
      90L pack. I have read the requirements in the BGT Bylaws (ver. .0609),
      all of the appendices, and Chapter 5, and will comply with each and
      every requirement detailed therein, including the four-month test
      period. My signed Test Application Agreement is on file.

      Personal Information

      Name: Jamie Lawrence
      Age: 27
      Height: 1.70 m (5.74 ft)
      Weight: 70 kg (154 lb)
      Email: jlawrence@...
      City: Hobart, Tasmania AUSTRALIA

      Backpacking Background

      I was introduced to bushwalking/tramping/hiking around 13 years ago as
      a young child scouting and though my school physical/adventure
      education. After leaving school, I mainly did short day walks until
      recently when I have started to again re-walk some of Tasmania's key
      hiking routes and try walks I have yet to attempt. I mainly walk in
      the winter months, in Tasmania's central highlands areas. I prefer
      light gear, extended walks (3-5 days) in a group of 3 or shorter walks
      (1-3 days) walking solo. I would generally carry a base weight pack of
      around 8 kg-10 kg (17 lb-22 lb).

      Testing Plan

      I have recently introduced a new dynamic to my walking, carrying
      luxuries. This is mainly aimed at making walks with my fiancée as
      comfortable as possible. The major change this has caused is weight
      and bulk. I now find that on the walks we share together, I am
      carrying larger and more bulky loads. Given the size and design of
      this pack, I am keen to test how it can handle a large load whilst
      remaining comfortable and allowing freedom of movement.

      Currently I have a couple of different packs that I use, depending on
      the load or gear that I am carrying. My largest pack is 80l, but is a
      very simple single compartment pack with only 2 pockets. I find whilst
      I can carry a large load in this pack, I am annoyed at times by the
      lack of flexibility of having only a few pockets.

      If selected, I would look to test this pack on all of my overnight
      walks over the testing period. Given the large capacity, I doubt this
      pack would be suitable for daywalks.

      Testing Strategy

      I find that it is the simple things with a pack that make the
      difference. Things like how well all the stitching can cope under
      load, how well clips, zippers, webbing and buckles work usually put a
      big wedge between a poor pack and a top quality pack. The key areas
      that I will test will be as follows,

      Fit & Comfort
      Does the pack harness fit my frame?
      Is it easily adjusted to account for various size and weigh loads?
      Does the pack feel heavy or bulky?
      How does the weight compare to my other large packs?
      Does the Vipel mesh Airflow system help keep me cool?
      Is the waist belt able to wick moisture as claimed?
      Is there ample padding in the harness to prevent hot spots on my
      collarbone or shoulders?
      Is my head affected by the height of the pack when on my back?
      Does the hip belt move independently of the pack for increased comfort
      over uneven terrain?
      Is the hip belt able to effectively transfer weight from my shoulders?
      Is the hip-belt stiff and moulded or just a wrap around design?
      Is my balance affected then wearing the pack?

      Function & Use
      How easy is it for me to arrange a large load in the pack?
      Are there enough pockets to store things like snacks and drink bottles?
      How well can I compress the pack with the side compression straps?
      Is it an advantage to have the drop-bottom sleeping bag compartment to
      store my sleeping bag?
      I hate having to unload gear when arriving at camp to get to my
      shelter, is this drop-bottom compartment able to hold my shelter?
      If the shelter is wet, can this compartment keep it separate from my
      gear to prevent other items getting wet?
      Does the pack away rain cover actually protect my gear from water?
      Is the pack strong enough to withstand the bump and grind of life on
      the track in the Australian bush?
      Is the fabric affected by dirt and wear and tear?
      Are high impact areas on the pack (base for example) reinforced to add
      durability and longevity to the pack?
      Does the pack require regular maintenance or servicing such as zippers
      or clips?
      Are additional features like the media pocket actually needed or are
      they just extra weight?

      Field Conditions
      As can be seen from my past tests, I generally undertake multi-night
      walks in alpine or sub-alpine areas of Tasmania, my home state. As we
      are moving out of our winter and into spring, average day time temps
      are around 10-15 C degrees (50 – 59 F) with night time temps still
      dropping below freezing (32 F). There is still plenty of wind and
      rain, with most parts of the state averaging between 20 – 100 mm (0.8
      – 4 in).

      At this point I have no specific walks planned apart from a trip to
      the summit of Barn Bluff in the Cradle Mountain National Park. At
      1,559 m (5,115 ft) this is one of the highest peaks in central
      Tasmania and is very open and exposed to bad weather most of the year.
      This walk is dominated by sub-alpine and alpine environments. Again,
      cold temps ranging from -7 C to 10 C (19 F to 50 F) with rainfall
      around 320 mm (12.6 in). Over winter and early spring a lot of this
      would fall as snow.

      Various other overnight walks will happen over the testing period so I
      see no issues exceeding the minimum requirements.

      Current Testing
      I am currently awaiting arrival of the MSR Reactor stove. This is my
      only test. I see no problems testing the stove and pack at the same
      time. I have previously tested multiple items without hassle.

      Pending Applications
      I have no other pending applications.

      Recent Reports
      All of my reports can be found at

      I am also currently an active Mentor for new members to BGT

      I note from the test call that international testers may have to pay
      shipping. This is not a drama for me as I have done this now on
      several occasions.

      Many thanks for considering my application to test the High Sierra
      Sport Trail 90L pack.