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4780Re: Attn. fellow Comet backpack testers....

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  • Ron Moak
    Jul 10, 2005
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      > O.K I may have made a mistake on this. When the pack arrived I
      > checked it to make sure everything was O.K. and looking at the
      > they were in convex and I assumed that this was the correct way.
      > For two weeks in Wales I was mainly using the pack as a large day-
      > pack carrying around 10/15 lb (4/6 kg) and all seemed fine.

      My apologies, when we sent out some of the first Comet Packs, my
      wife inserted the stays in backwards. I didn't think any of those
      packs went to any of you gear testers. She's been instructed on the
      correct method of insertion and all packs are correctly setup when

      Documenting the little pockets at the top of the stays would be
      nice, however it's not clear that putting it on the hang tag would
      be all that useful. Most people discard that within a few minutes of
      getting the pack. I'll try and get it up on the Website in the FAQ
      at sometime.

      If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email

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