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47714EDIT: FR - MontBell Crescent 2 Tent - Ben Mansfield

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  • Pat McNeilly
    Aug 6, 2008
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      EDIT: FR - MontBell Crescent 2 Tent - Ben Mansfield


      This was a very nice report. I enjoyed reading about the testing.
      Good job.

      I have a couple of things for you.


      "Temperatures on all my trips were mild - if it got down below 60 F
      C) "

      EDIT: 16 C [Kenny B used the same conversion in his Crescent 2
      report and I have to agree with his outcome – very minor edit but
      looking for consistency]

      "With two people in the tent, it can be a little challenging.
      Especially when the person sleeping on the side opposite the door has
      to get out in the middle of the night for biological reasons."

      Edit: I believe that the period after "challenging" should be a
      comma and continue on with the sentence.

      EDIT: I didn't see a Summary section in your report which I believe
      is required at this point in the testing. Typically there is a
      short paragraph (similar to you last paragraph which beings with "So
      far …' followed by some likes and dislikes.
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