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47030EDIT: ] FR - Big Sky International Summit Convertible 2P - Bob Sanders

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  • Thomas Vickers
    Jul 5, 2008
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      These are Thomas Vickers official monitor edits of Bob Sanders Big Sky
      International Summit Convertibel 2P Field Report

      EDIT = must do
      Edit = think about it, but do something
      Comment = think about

      The weather forecast was for a 30% chance of rain that never occurred.
      Though I did experience winds of 25 mph (40 km).

      Comment: My grammar checker says the second sentence is a fragment. Not a
      big deal, but it might read smoother as "that never occurred, but I did


      Since on this trip I was going solo I had the tent all to myself. This meant
      I had to carry everything but the accomodations were luxurious.

      EDIT: accomodations = accommodations

      It was my sons birthday so the two of us split the weight of the tent.

      EDIT: sons = son's


      Not a problem because this is a double walled tent. Even if there was
      condesation (and there wasn't any) I would not have come in contact with the
      exterior wall.

      EDIT: condesation = condensation
      The real saving grace are the two doors.

      Edit: this could probably be "saving grace is" or "saving graces are"


      To be honest, I haven't even exerienced any rain.

      EDIT: exerciended = experienced


      The marigold color of the shell adds a nice warm glow to the interiorwhich
      makes for a pleasent morning when the sun comes up.

      EDIT: space needed between interior and which
      EDIT: pleasent = pleasant


      Having the ability to swap out components to suit the weather.

      Edit: This sentence just seems out of place. Is there a way to rewrite it or
      combine it with the sentence before?


      Update and upload

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