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42363EDIT: IR: Vargo Decagon Stove - Derek Hansen

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  • Dark Lazarus
    Mar 2, 2008
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      Hi Derek,
      Very nice report indeed. I noticed a few things, your edits and
      comments are below. EDITS require fixing, Edits are highly suggested,
      and Comments are just that, take it or leave it. When you have
      finished editing, upload to the appropriate folder when ready.



      City, State, Country Alexandria, Virginia, USA
      Comment: You're right around the corner from me, maybe we will meet on
      the trail someday.

      MSRP: US$29.95
      Comment: Did you get this from the website? Coy was missing this.
      Generally if it didn't come from the manufacturer's site or hang tag
      we don't comment on it.

      In fact, the website hasless information than what is on the package
      (as of 01 March 2008).
      EDIT: you're HTML shows a missing space between has and less, but your
      text seemed fine, please check.

      I noticed the stability plate was slightly bent on arrival, but I was
      able to easily straighten it so it lay flat.
      Edit: last part doesn't read right, consider "straighten it so it
      would lay flat"

      However, I've noticed that the stove cannot completely burnall the fuel.
      EDIT: missing space between burn and all, ditto above comment.

      On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 1:39 AM, Derek Hansen <derek.hansen@...> wrote:
      > Sorry for the delay. Please see the following URL:
      > > http://tinyurl.com/24fv4f
      > Respectfully submitted,
      > ~derek
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