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41Application: Kahtoola KTS Steel crampons (Pascal)

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  • Pascal Deschenes
    Feb 21, 2005
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      Here is my application to test the Kahtoola KTS Steel crampons.

      My specific requirements for this application are as follow:

      Size: Medium

      I have read and understood the latest version of the Survival Guide (V.
      1202) and will fully comply with all the requirements. A copy of my
      tester agreement is on file.

      Personal Biographical Information
      Name Pascal Desch�nes
      Age 30 years old
      Gender Male
      Height 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
      Weight 88 kg (195 lb)
      Shoe Size 10 1/2 US
      Email pasde at yahoo dot com
      City, State, Country Montreal, Quebec, Canada

      Long since I was young, I've always been an outdoor enthusiast: sea or
      white river kayaking, rock climbing, long and short distance hiking,
      classic and backcountry skiing, mountain biking.
      I can describe myself as being a hiker with a paradoxical style. On one
      side I tend toward fast tracking while on the other I halt frequently,
      gazing at various points of interest, fauna and flora. I'm also geared
      toward lightweight backpacking but wouldn't let my solo percolator
      Testing Location and Weather

      I�ll be testing mostly in Western Quebec with peregrinations into my
      near-by national parks and reserves. However, I plan going on peak
      bagging this spring in the Adirondack�s High Peak Region. During winter
      trips, the expected temperature will be ranging from -20 C (-4 F) to 0
      C (32 F) with lots of snow while during spring outings the temperature
      gets milder but lots of snow remains along with icy terrains.

      Test Plan

      I plan to test these crampons in various terrains and conditions. Much
      of my test will involves backpacking, or day hiking. However, I do not
      intend to be involved in any mountaineering activities. I definitely
      think that I am one of the few hikers having access to the condition
      where I would get the most six month use out of those crampons. Indeed,
      crampons are especially a must have during the late winter/spring
      season in the Lanrentiens, the White Mountains, or the Adirondack High
      Peaks Region, where trail conditions alternate between packed snow, ice
      and icy crust.

      Please note that since the testing duration is subject to some time
      constrains, it may be required to have several outing in a shorter time
      period, which may in the end impact the overall test results.

      Here is a list of several criteria that I will pay special attention
      while testing this product:

      � Efficiency
      Obviously, I am interested in the efficiency of these crampons. More
      specifically, how effective are the front teeth (with there 15 degrees
      angle design). Are the points long enough to hike securely on thick and
      icy crust? What would be their effectiveness while hiking downhill v.
      uphill? What kind of steepness such crampons can handle properly and

      � Construction
      There must be a good reason for Kahtoola having preferred the steel
      construction over the aluminum one and I would like find out such
      reasons. Is the steel alloy subject to corrosion? Are the plastic parts
      resistant to cold temperature? Is the bar between the toe and heel
      section offering enough flexibility while trail running? Are the
      bendable double-welded side straps subject to any failure in the long
      term? Are the straps really �Water/Freeze resistant�?

      � Ergonomic Details
      My number one concern using crampons is stability. How stable are these
      while wearing different types of footwear (lightweight or heavy duty
      hiking boots and trail running shoes)? Would wearing such different
      types of footwear also have an impact on the comfort? To which degree I
      would be aware of wearing these while hiking? Do the heel section�s
      straps provide blister-free support while wearing below-ankle shoes?
      Can such crampons be put easily on while wearing gloves?

      Pending Applications:
      Scarpa ZG 65 GTX boot
      Smith Axis Interchangeable Series Sunglasses

      Currently Testing:

      Granite Gear Winterizer (IR on its way)
      Ibex Approach Tights (yet to be received)

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