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40423EDIT: IR - Jocolat - Sheila

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  • Emma Eyeball
    Jan 3, 2008
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      Hey Sheila, thanks for re-posting. i searched the archives by
      "larabar," "jocolat," and by all of your names and got nothing.

      thank you for your IR, and here we go...

      edit #1: unfortunately we have to spell it "LARABAR" (with the umlaut
      over that first A).

      > where they are made are peanut-free, and the bars are also
      gluton-free, soy-free and vegan.

      edit: "gluten-free"

      > less sweet and has a strong coffee bean flavor. The taste of the
      hazelnuts in it is also noticable.

      edit: "noticeable."

      > in this bar is a bit overpowering. The Chocolate Orange bar has a
      very strong flavor of
      > bitter orange rind, but the date flavor is still quit noticeable.

      edit: "quite noticeable."

      OK, we're done. make your fixes and upload when ready.

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